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Bigs Pots of Arroz Caldo


How may onebe able to feed at least 100 families, who just had undergone a tough tragedy a couple of days ago? Such question can be relative to Jesus’ miracle—of his feeding the 5k hungry men beside women and children, in just five loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fishes. Well, Barangay eMedia, through its corporate and social responsibility—with the help of our benefactors the Gerry’s Grill and the King Paint Trade Center, cooks daily for the fire victims/families of Sitio Cambodia, who are now in their temporary shelter.

It can absolutelybreak anyone’s heart, to see the seeming ocean of people totally needy, quite confused and are vulnerable, because of that fateful conflagration which razed their homes two days ago, in Sitio Cambodia, Tetuan. Thus, we mustn’t leave them helpless. The obligation we got, as human beings, is as strong as any flint rock. We ought to be brothers’ keepers all the time.Ain’t it?

It doesn’t have to take thousands or even hundreds of pesos, as to be able to help them. Ordinary as used clothing and few packs of ready-to-eat mealmay do then. And such are bearable by any intending donor.Candidly, it would need bigger pots to cook a simple but sumptuous “arrozcaldo”for the victims. For now, the above benefactors are the ones who are sponsoring the said arroz caldo meals. Barangay eMedia though facilitated their distribution.

Are there how many manmade or natural calamities, which our City had undergone since 2013? There can be almost a dozen already, and to God be the glory Barangay eMedia is always at the forefront to help the victims, in its humble way. We do not count the cost, the sacrifice and the needed extra miles which are always part of any heartfelt public service. We are though thankful that it is us the blessors and not the needy. Remember, it is always more blessed to give than to receive!

It ain’t always that we can be at the top, there will be sure and some moments where we may be also at the down bottom. The feeling of those who were affected by the fire are without description. Many of those razed houses were only made of light materials, albeit they were the victims’ very homes—in fact such were all that they got in life.

Most of these familiesbuilt their houses overtime. Their daily savings, from their meager incomes, were their only source to gradually put-up their houses, until they werehumbly completed. Now, in just a blink, they were soongone. We just pray that therecan be no folks to succumb more to any depression or eventual deaths, in the process, due to extremesorrows of their losses.

In is in this wise where we can definitely come to touch people’s lives. Barangay eMedia is very much willing to receive more donations, in any form—whether in kinds or in cash. Just please visit or call the station. By experience, we already have adopted something a system to conveniently reach the victims right away. There are countless, amongst the affected families, whoare small children and older people.

Partner Joseph Zosobrado saw this old woman in her wheelchair, who takes care of her grandson who has a hydrocephalous. Because they are now in the temporary shelter, at the Zamboanga City High School (ZCHS) Main, the said grandson lies at the school’s concrete floor, with only a cartoon as his mat. Partner Joseph reported this news yesterday morning.

And after the latter conveyed such news, many texters expressed then their willingness to help the old woman and her grandson. These are stories of pure humanity. Nobody can turn his back around or can easily show off to the victims a cold heart. Their situation now is a good challenge to all of us, to be willing to help the needy.

Going back to the probable reason of the fire. It must have given us all the HARD LESSON to be cautious always. Think about it, some 100 houses were razed to the ground, in just short as the span of two hours, because somebody from the community left negligently hercooking unattended. God knows if how long it took until the conflagration started to consume the entire community. Again, especially amongst our mothers and house-helps, let’s be extra careful.

“Do not give your strength to women,your ways to those who destroy kings. It is not for kings, O Lemuel,it is not for kings to drink wine,or for rulers to take strong drink, lest they drink and forget what has been decreed and pervert the rights of all the afflicted. Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.” (Prov. 31:3-7, ESV)

Partners! For more news and their details please check us out in e105.9 FM band or watch us in channels 37 local, 54 in Sky Cable and 98 in Mindanao Cable. You as well can access our tele-broadcast online via ustream through the link We go on-air beginning 3 AM to 10 PM. You also can text through these numbers 0906-286-1074 and 0999-626-8244, for your comments and suggestions.

Barangay eMedia is located in RBB Bldg., Villa Sta. Theresa Village, MCLL Highway, Divisoria, Zamboanga City. WE ARE SERVING LOCAL, BROADCASTING GLOBAL. “Hende lang este radio, TV este! eMedia Mo!” Follow us back again tomorrow in this column page. (By Rev. Berlie G. Yap)

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