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Don’t celebrate yet you kapitans


(Enlightenment—Passage of the  Day)


Jesus Christ came into the world to give his life to us all, so we can have eternal salvation. He was even badly persecuted by those unbelievers during his time. “The Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death.”(Matthew 20:18). Email:



THERE are good signs that this ongoing one-way experimental traffic scheme will last for long and even recommended by the many to make it permanent for the time being.

It looks like these two separate gigantic projects of the DPWH which is its current road-widening job and the ZCWD major pipe-laying works in the west-coast won’t only pester us a year or two but for even a decade-long if we gauge the way how sluggish they move their activities along those too narrow roads of ours.

So, there you are, this well-conceived traffic scheme is the best there’s so far to address the city’s current traffic woes.

IF there are certain sectors rising up in arms against it, so be it. As they say, you can’t please everybody in this world. Some must have to sacrifice for the good of the greater majority in any societal circle.



I agree with those supporting the President’s call for the barangay polls’ postponement to a later date, instead this coming October as earlier reset.

Although, there are its disadvantages(as always), yet we can very well see its imminent danger how money from various illegal sources, especially from drugs, will play a vital role for those illicitly attached to its evildoers wanting their bets to win at all cost in the polls.

HENCE, there you are, Pres. Digong is dead-serious to call it off.

Of course, those who’ll growl are the ones seeking to unseat the incumbents holding their present posts. The latter are the ones you see with their wide grin on their faces, unless the bad-mouthed Du30 turns fickle-minded, and suddenly declares it all-systems-go for the barangay elections this year. You can never tell when dealing with our President of our own here in Mindanao. Today he’ll say yes, but tomorrow he may change his mind. It all depends upon his mood.

So, don’t celebrate yet you kaps and your minions. The card remains still close to his chest and might come out totally different, afterwards. Hehehe..



This adulterous wife was caught inflagrante inside a motel with another man by her own husband. The incident happened this week in Brgy. Boalan when the police, upon seeking their assistance by the distraught husband, barged in and on-the-spot, arrested young married woman only in her late twenties and her paramour.

Both are now in their police detention cells.

WHAT do you call this woman biblically? She’s the daughter of Babylon the great who rules whoredom in hell.



THERE’S a big improvement done at our golf beach resort unlike in the past. Its road going inside its beach has been paved well to cure its numerous potholes that we saw when it was apparently deserted a year or two ago.

I was in their golf beach a couple of days back and I saw how it’s now well managed. The golf beach is under the supervision of the Tourism Infrastructure Economic Zone Authority (TIEZA), and its present crop of local officials here is led by Ms. Marquez (I forgot her first name) wife of Alejo Marquez, and younger sister of Olga Lopez Vito Ledesma.

So, keep up the good works you, guys. For one, TIEZA was the object of some of its harsh critics here wanting to have the golf beach and its golf course up for sale as there are supposedly interested big multinational corporations desirous to convert its wide range acres of property into amodern-class business sector where giant malls, multistory hotels and other high-rise buildings will change the city’s mediocre image into a dazzling one in this part of Mindanao.

Therefore, good luck to our TIEZA setup here! Keep your heads up high and fight for your rights. Make sure your improvements are keeping pace with what they’re expecting you to do for the good of ZC and those continuously patronizing your golf beach resort.

Happy weekend to all!  (By Jun Feliciano)(30)

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