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Inmates’ Seed Offering


You can’t believe it, the inmates of the Zamboanga City Jail contributed money from amongst themselves, as their way of help for the fire victims in Sitio Cambodia, Tetuan. They passed hats, one to the other, and such reached to P15K! Actually, inmates of the City Jail do have their ways inside to earn. Some engage to little sari-sari, others produce woodcrafts, and etc. Through their meager income, they could save and even send for their families outside.

It is part of the program of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to allow these people to be productive, while their cases are still pending in court. Not easy to be inside the jail, life is definitely hard. But what is there choice, they will have to face their ordeals head-on, because such is how they chose to be. Whew!

But a point of correction folks—inmates in the City Jail are not serving any sentence, from a final judgment rendered by a competent court. Their cases though are still pending, thus in the eyes of the law they remain deemed innocent, well until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Their situation is different than those who are at the San Ramon Penal Farm, the latter are already serving their sentences.

It was partner Joseph Zosobrado, one of our field reporters, who was assigned to interview personnel of the City Jail and indeed also to certain inmates. Partner Joseph found this one inmate, who is already 9 years inside the prison. He could not post any necessary bail because his case is large scale human trafficking, and the evidence against him is pretty strong. Hence, bail either as a matter of right or the court’s discretion is not totally available for him.

Accordingly, the man lives a very lonely life inside the prison. His wife left him already, and he never had a visit from his family or relatives for years. If you remember, he was the same guy we also interviewed last December. In a public service, he asked his loved-ones to visit him. Due to that simple request, his family has never failed to pay him regular visits, on a weekly basis.

Maybe because of the change he experienced, a new attitude of mercy has developed inside of him. Thus, he was one of the inmates, in the City Jail, who really organized personally to collect special donations for the fire victims. Admittedly, no one can judge any human being, based to his outward appearance or status in life. Because in this particular story, inmates themselves made their way, in an actual manner, to literally help our needy compatriots.

P15K is already a significant amount, which can help hugely the less fortunate families of Sitio Cambodia. The money was used then to buy ready or immediate commodities for them, like sacks of rice and cartoons of noodles. The BJMP has also personally delivered the same goods to the DSWD, which is the very agency responsible for the help and assistance of the fire victims.

If these inmates were able to extend good charities, how much more us outside who have the better capacities! Barangay eMedia would want to encourage all the Zamboangueño people to come out and extend in any way, to help our ailing brothers and sisters. You may give not exactly big, because you also have definitely your own needs. Used clothing or some kilograms of rice and pack of noodles will do.

You pray about it. We have the CSWD, other non-governmental organizations (NGO) or even Barangay eMedia! Just please visit our station anytime, during office hours. We have ready staffs to assist you. The needs and present challenge for the fire victims are enormous. But if we help together, we also can create a great and significant impact to their lives—there are more than 100 families/fire victims in Sitio Cambodia.

“Then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding; he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity, guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of his saints. Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path.” (Prov. 2:5-9, ESV)

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