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Fire incidents never stop at all


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)

The Lord Jesus hates so much the hypocrites. He lectured them when he was confronted by the Pharisees:  “You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you, for he wrote, These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is farce, for they teach man-made ideas rather the commands from God.” (Mark7:6-7). Email:



THE earthquake drills’ conduct nationwide is a must thing these days in our country. The Philippines is undeniably within the so-called ring of fire in the Pacific rim, and therefore constant drills on quake should be done frequently for the sake of our masses. The National Civil Defense and the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (NDRRMO) down to all their respective regional, city and municipal offices across the whole country shouldn’t stop but continuously conduct such drills, to include for all the other impending huge crises of all forms.

But, the quake drills are first and foremost as tremors are more frequently felt at present, to include here in our country.

AS what our own Phivolcs head Engr. Allan Labayog has always warned us about the unpredictable too ripened Sulu trench that last saw its worst (in l897?), he said,” It’ll trigger anytime as it’s theorized to occur again in every 100 years of being quiet.”

See its impending threat?

Therefore, it’s always right to resonate this proverbial line, “Prevention is better than Cure.”

ALWAYS, folks, earthquake drills shouldn’t be taken for nothing. We need them like  what they did last March 31, it was Friday afternoon, at 2pm to be exact, when the City Hall siren suddenly sounded without warning primarily aimed to test the people’s well prepared awareness here in times of disasters, especially tremors.

THE most internationally-recognized basic approach towards disaster preparedness, especially a quake of extraordinary magnitude or strength, is what we call, “Drop, cover and hold,” to help cushion off its impact, and, thereby, minimize damage to properties and the number of casualties in times of catastrophic events like earthquakes.

That’s the logic behind.



What a perilous event to end March as our “Fire Prevention Month.”

“Tiene gayot siempre salaw canaton ki, bosing,” c Bogs ya gruñi ya tamen.

“Quien man se Bogs?” ta pregunta c Ador.

“Na quien pa man? Need I make obvious what’s so apparent?” yaman ingles pa gayot c Bogs.

Aber c Nado lang combos contesta, Nado cosa bo puede abla aber?

“Mio mga idols buta ya yo na bentana, nuay sos sirbe!” Na el bipolar ya calenta diunabes. Ay kewisyoy talanka’ gat bos Nadooo!

WE’RE talking here about what struck broad-light of Thursday when another huge fire reduced to ashes a large portion of the inner section (called Cambodia) of Don Alfaro Rd. in Brgy. Tetuan as the raging flames lasted more than an hour, leaving hundreds of families homeless.

Its repercussion? Another big addition to the city’s ever fastidious massive dislocation of our poor masses who have nowhere to go but beg for something even such a measly amount or item just to survive in this cruel and brutal world filled with greed and selfishness amongst our elites and those who wield power, influence and wealth.


JUST to tinker your mind, if what I’m saying is true or not, this IDPs(Internally Displaced Persons) issue, how come up to now, these people without their own fault at all, have never been able to cope up well in their lives notwithstanding the generous help of the worldwide donations that ran into  billions (reportedly in dollars!)?

Whatever happens to all those much publicized foreign donations in so huge amount of money and also in kinds that they can’t just account thoroughly well?

“Na cosa pa man, nomas estraña cunel corrupt cultura tiene el pinoy, espanta pa kita,” ke bien bright gayot ste c Ador.

“Deberas, cay manada dao sabe yaman spirit away lang dao mga donations para cunestos aquel tiempo ya tene diaton k Zamboanga Siege,” c Bogs ya segunda yalang cun Ador..


Because of our mal-culture in graft and corruption plus our being known as hypocrites, for no one will admit being so, this is what we’re into right now, the city is not at all blessed by God, instead it’s accursed in the sight of God because we have leaders who aren’t truthful to themselves. That’s it!

WHO’LL now come out to contest this aghast observation of mine? C’mon come out and say to my face, I’m a big liar!

Now listen, if you think you can refute my saying, I’ll just warn you for your spiritual enlightenment, you read the story of an adulteress in the Holy Scripture?  What did Jesus utter to those accusers of her? “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.. And they which heard  it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last, and Jesus was left alone and the woman..”(whom he told never to sin). (John 8: 7-11)

You may ask, “Hoy Jun, you’re not Jesus or something like that.I tell you in return, God won’t use any from his lower creation like those beasts or animals who can’t think, talk and act like us. God will use us as His instruments to help Him propagate his words because we, as human beings, are all made unto His image, unto His very likeness. So, there you are, and I’m very proud and even rejoice if God uses me or even is using me right now, like the rest who’re likewise well enlightened by His words, to help Him enlighten the whole world where many are still unarguably in the darkness, and so anxious to see the light from God when enlightened about His words. See the importance of enlightenment about God’s words to help us all change from within, finally?

THIS is what many of our present leaders are missing the most important component in their leadership mantle. They just seem to overlook the fact that this is the most vital missing link that when tapped to plug its gap, this world will be genuinely in peace once again. This is the truth, and nobody can ever dispute this. Nobody! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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