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If ZC jail transfer fails, blame City Hall


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JESUS said he came unto the world not to bring peace but to bring the sword. And the sword means his words. “And the sword of the spirit is the word of God.”(Ephesians 6:17). Email:


AUTHORITIES are said looking into a case of alleged harassment by men-in-uniform (soldiers or police?) committed against a top Muslim religious leader and his kin in Brgy. Muti late last Friday night( or was it early dawn of Saturday?).  They were reportedly rounding up several people in the area for alleged possession of illegal weapons when they forcibly gained entry inside the domicile of its one well-respected ustadz in the area in search of supposed illegal firearms that turned out negative later.

“What was highly alarming in their search, they hogtied the ustadz and supposedly dealt a ‘flying kick’ at his young nephew,” one eyewitness rued.

THE victims are said poised to file a case against those who reportedly raided the ustadz’s place for alleged violation of their human rights.

“We have laws of the land to follow, and not to resort to the laws of the jungle,” a source close to the victim’s next-of-kin expressed his utter disgust.

THIS is very unfortunate to learn that men-in-uniform who’re supposed to be the protectors of our entire citizenry turned out to be the tormentors, instead, to our own people from whom they draw their wages to feed their families for we( the whole citizenry of this land) are taxpayers who have all the rights to complain and even file the appropriate charges for the crimes they commit. These are guaranteed under our constitution. So, don’t be afraid! They may kill our bodies but never our souls, so why be afraid of them who’re mere mortals like us? Be afraid to the One who kill both our bodies and souls in hell!


ANOTHER fire happened last week—Friday night to be exact. The latest fire incident was reported in Brgy. Manicahan, and though it wasn’t as big as what had happened earlier in a place called Cambodia on Don Alfaro Rd, Brgy.Tetuan, yet two persons— a septuagenarian and his three-year old granddaughter suffered a 2nd and 1st degree burns, respectively, fire investigators disclosed.

DIDN’T I tell with a heavy heart that fire incidents seem never to have an ending at all after the Cambodia inferno that struck its place early last week? In terms of property losses, the Cambodia fire suffered a lot more at P3 million compared to the Manicahan blaze that resulted to just several thousands.

BUT what traumatize all the victims of the lots of fire cases in ZC is that the only possession they have right now, for sure, are those clothes that they’ve been wearing, perhaps, up to the present, since the fires broke out in their respective places.Unless,  there are still good Samaritans in our midst, especially so, we have still leaders of ours with their pure hearts to show by being such, as very well narrated in the Scriptures of our holy men in the past who wrote it.

But, what about the rest who comprise even the majority in our political leadership here in our city?  Where were they when the infernos happened? Baca’ acabar lang despues el fuego, talla ya sila taman grand standing lang sin nada ta dale mira como true public servants. Akel b ataman epal lang. Ese el makarabya hinde ba?Ay ke pendehadas clase de lideres tiene kta ki.. Aber sabe’ kta el maga comments del mga bright..

“Ansina gayot el kema, ta rasa gayot contodo aton maga cosas. Pero debe tamen sila cigi cosa ta abla el BFP baho cun FIRE Marshal Maj. Clint Cha,” bueno coneja c Bogs aura, ya entra buen spiritu cuneste. Puede ya bos man news reporter como c Jerry Amaga de RMN y c Tita Macarena de Brigada..


INTENSE and relentless all the more their ongoing operations vs. the ASGs in Sulu. Our AFP troops with sure support from the PNP in their poblacions, have been nonstop in their reported massive assaults against all the Abu Sayyaf criminals still holding in their lairs hostages to include the foreign victims snatched near its danger zones in the South as far as KFR activities are concerned.

WHAT’S surprising to note is that these AS bandits are even are getting more bold and even putting up their more aggressive stance vs. our gov’t forces as they’re well armed, too. See those numbers of casualties from both sides as reported? That means we can’t tell any side is winning the senseless battle they have been in for many decades now with no concrete solution whatsoever in sight to put an ending to its threat, at all. For we ask, “Isthis stupid and even insane bloody conflict doing good to our nation?” Anyone in his sane mind will say no of course. Now, whose fault is this that has put our nation for so long in jeopardy with killings almost everywhere in our country supposed to be hailed as the only Christian nation in the entire Asia-Pacific? For us who’ve been there prior to Martial Law that destroyed the very foundation of our true democratic principles, there’s one person that many of us Filipinos have been cursing him even unto his death, and that’s Marcos— the dictatorial strongman, the late Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. That’s why we—if not most of those who heard Marcos’s then Vice Pres. Emmanuel Pelaez when he warned the nation after his fall-out from the Marcoses, “Marcos is a very dangerous man.” And, truly, his message came exactly what has been happening up to now to this, once-upon-a-time, most peaceful andeven most progressive country in the Far East in its golden era— second only to Japan. When the Marcos era came, everything was changed for the worst in our country. Up to now, the country can barely move forward, for how can she, when the peace and order in her land is in turmoil, and her people are embroiled in its own culture of graft and corruption that has been emboldened during the Marcos days?


THERE are more than 30 hostages, including foreigners, believed still in captivity, somewhere holed out in the Sulu jungles whose mountain terrains are just hard to penetrate.

THE military’s all-out rescue operation in Sulu has so far resulted in the safe recovery of some captives, to include the two Malaysian sailors whose boat was hijacked by these notorious bandits and seized them purportedly for their KFR modus.

The AFP is confident they can exterminate the ASG gangs very soon, as strictly ordered by their Commander-In-Chief, the tough-talking Pres. Duterte. Du30 is fed up with the Abu SAyyafs. But the question is, can they really eliminate them completely? That’s a very tall order to do. They say, as always, “It’s easier said than done.”

“Debera, pronto abla, dificil ace,” c Bogs ke bien matabi bus boca.

“Uwi, uwi yalang bos, cay nuayktapuedecosaase,” taman debate ya el dos (bogs y ador).

“Siguru man Rambo ya yo para acabaya sos,” na el turu’, ebos Nado bien purul gat bos siempre..


TODAY is Tuesday, April 4, and our council will have its regular weekly regular session, as expected. I haven’t attended its session last week, but I am well-apprised by its major discussions, especially on its reported lengthy discourse on the jail transfer issue with its authorities concerned. This looks like the main core of it all. What’s missing here is the fact that the city has yet to comply with its obligation, and that’s to provide the required lot of its standard size of at-least 6 hectares or more, but not less, right? The ball now lies in the hands of our city gov’t, and it’s City Hall where its executive branch is, to exercise its all powers and duties to make it possible. That’s it. Unless City Hall moves, we can’t do anything, at all. The council’s role is simply to legislate, that’s all. So, if this city jail transfer fails, blame City Hall. Period. (By Jun Feliciano)  (30)

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