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By way of an introduction to an SS promise on fb yesterday, to scribble some on  post of daughter Cap Aimie caption, “Saturdate with Posy,” here goes with a throwback of January 8, this year. “Let me please earlier on, share with you my memorable experience yesterday. After days of futile cajoling starting the Christmas season, Councilor son Boday and better half Yiette managed to convince me to join up with them yesterday in going to


Only having a slight hint of what was in store for me there, I got the surprise of a lifetime! The duo jointly pampered, as in babied, their Pops - in the joint.”

A similar episode was repeated on that “Satrurdate.” Aimee hauled me off to KKC and also pampered, as in babied, me the way the Boday-Yiette couple did.

In some fb reactions of the Aimie post, made guesses that Aimie treated me to some more clothes, T-shirts, pants and the like. No, folks. T’was entirely different.

To add to the recent a cell phone unit she earlier gave me, this time she gifted me with a compete line of phone accessories, some other small electronic devices, plus “T-shirts, pants and the like”? Oh no, surprise, surprise  - of all things, cosmetics. Whew..! Was I grateful.

The conclusion of the 8th January throwback that again applies now, “It’s really heartwarming having kids and in-laws, who show love for their elders - Jimbit, Cocoy, Melah and Barangay Captain daughter Aimie - the others earlier gave us separate gifts of their own. Aimie’s was a 40-inch flat screen Led TV with capability of surfing the net. All their gifts made us extremely happy.”

And only recently, Cocoy and Melah treated four of their kids to a modest graduation party at home. The affair gave SS the chance to treat several of his co-members in the Monggueh Cabinet, led by Chairman Ramon Gan, alias Genghis Khan, the conqueror.


X x x x X

In  SS’ marketing chores this morning, there was an unexpectedly meeting the popular now retired Dancing Policeman, Ben Portas and had a brief talk with him. You guessed right, topic was on traffic management, with his particular interest centered on mid-street manual traffic directing, which is what he stressed is most needed in the city these days.

But  he said, humbly he shied off expressing his observation to both P/Chief Inspectors Alberts Sta. Teresa and Acorin when separately asked of personally.

X x x x X

There were two or three fb posts in the past months that complained of water stagnation on the inner road portion of Avocado Dr. in Baliwasan, Starting the time of then Barangay Cap Boday and on to Aimie, repeated calls on our city government officials for assistance as the needed is costly all fell into deaf ears.

So, on big brother’s advice, Aimie dared to use the meager barangay infra budget to finance a new drainage for the area, and the project is ongoing - nearing completion actually. Sadly, of the two or three vocal complainants then only one cared to text us expressing gratitude. .

He is Tito Mejia. Muchas gracias, Pare. Thus, the rest could be good only in criticisms

X x x x X

A tall order - Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar has instructed Task Force Pantalan to check on all existing private wharves or piers operating in the city without legal documents and to file appropriate charges against operators not complying with the law.

Salazar said local government units are under directions of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to launch a crackdown against illegally-operating wharves and piers in the light of reports that some illegal piers are used as entry points for insurgents and smuggled goods.

We termed “Order ni Mayor,” tall, because SS feels that except for the PPA-run port, all privately-owned ports are unlicensed. I bet my last centavo on it.

X x x x X

Police Station 11 under P/Sup Ariel Huesca strikes again, nailing Omar Ali y Sahiddan, 45 years old, married, a resident of Calle Junk, Camino Nuevo in another buy-bust move yesterday. Confiscated from his possession were seven sachets of suspected shabu worth some P3,500 and such other articles to complete what is needed to file the appropriate charges against the suspect.

X x x x X

It’s good to know that authorities in Lanao del Norte have not slept on the murder of a doctor to the barrio practitioner, acknowledged to be very popular and conscientious to work.

As reported, a woman and three men have been tagged by police in the killing of rural physician Dr. Dreyfuss Perlas.

Senior Supt. Faro Antonio Olaguer, Lanao del Norte police director, said four people have been named respondents in a murder complaint filed before the Lanao del Norte Provincial Prosecutor’s Office on

March 21.

His death provoked an outcry as he was one of the few volunteer doctors who opted to stay in his area of assignment after his contract under the government’s Doctors to the Barrios program ended.

X x x x X

The start of the fourth round of talks between the Philippine Government (GRP) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) was moved a day late, from Sunday to Monday in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Last minute tackling of the agenda caused the delay, said GRP Peace Panel Chairman Silveestre Bello.

And Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza bared, Pres. Duterte has already given them his final directive to get negotiations with the NDF going, the bilateral ceasefire agreement the centerpiece of the fourth round that could effectively address months of violent confrontations and allegations of attacks ever since the government and Communist rebels withdrew their respective unilateral ceasefire orders early February.

He also emphasized that the President made it clear he wanted a bilateral ceasefire, while negotiations are ongoing with the Communist rebels, expressly denying talks the President has called off the talks.

Meanwhile, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Año had harsh words for the New People’s Army (NPA) as peace talks between the government and communist rebels were to resume.

The AFP chief also appealed to the public to report all NPA attempts at extortion so that law enforcers and soldiers could act immediately on them, adding that economic growth had been impeded by the “acts of masquerading ideologues who have degenerated into plain terrorists and extortionists.”

X x x x X

The Chinese government has expressed willingness to engage in marine cooperation, including joint scientific research, with the Philippines, as long as these undertakings bring benefit to both countries.

Lu issued this statement in reaction to acting Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo’s recent declaration that the Philippines has turned down China’s request for scientific research on Benham Rise because China refused to take Filipino scientists on board for those research visits.

Lu reiterated that China fully respects the right of the Philippines to the continental shelf of Benham Rise and has been committed to the provision of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas which stipulates that a country should seek permission from a littoral state prior to carrying out scientific research activities in territorial waters, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves of that littoral state.

X x x x X

The communist National Democratic Front has ordered the arrest of former President Benigno Aquino III and for his trial before a “people’s court” for the death of two farmers in the bloody dispersal of their protest in Kidapawan City in April 2016.

The NDF-Southern Mindanao said Aquino committed “war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international human rights law” over the violent dispersal of farmers who were protesting the lack of government aid in the midst of a drought brought about by the El Niño phenomenon on April 1, 2016.

X x x x X

Supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday held a rally at Rizal Park demanding  the ouster of Vice President Leni Robredo.

The rally called “Palit Bise”  (Change Vice) was led by several personalities who are vocal critics of Robredo on social media including Mocha Uson, singer Jimmy Bondoc, and lawyer Bruce Rivera.

Rivera is part of a group of Robredo’s critics who are preparing impeachment complaint against her.

The supporters at the rally, which was held at the Quirino Grandstand, brought posters and streamers that called for Robredo’s impeachment or resignation.

X x x x X

Amid threats of disbarment over his extramarital affairs, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has found a defender in President Duterte.

Speaking in Pilipino, Duterte asked, how many lawmakers have two, three women, adding they will all lose their positions if that’s the case, and who has no source of joy, he also asked.

He also accused Alvarez’s critics of hypocrisy, claiming that even priests, who are supposed to be celibate, have girlfriends.

X x x x X

President Duterte yesterday vowed to expose all individuals, including former president Benigno Aquino III, who allegedly benefitted from the controversial disbursement acceleration program (DAP).

Duterte dared the media to dig deeper into the DAP, which he claimed persisted during the Aquino administration despite the Supreme Court ruling in 2014 that invalidated some of the schemes under it, specificaclly citing Sen. Trillanes as involved, too. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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