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Let me take this opportunity to tell you about the old ancient city of Rome. It became too crowded that Nero had to create a new City of Rome and burned the entire ancient polis along with the Christians while playing his lyre and writing a poem.  Nero took the extreme solution to a problem that became incurable and at the same time served his ego to full satisfaction. Please don’t take this as a form of recommendation.  I stopped making suggestions long time ago when a Pharoah branded me as a “wise monkey” although I came to know later that the derogatory psychological condition was better than a moron.

In the Philippines, the best strategy of ingratiating yourself with your boses which gives you the assurance of permanence in position, plus the status of invulnerability or immunity to any kind of legal action in case you commit wrong doings in your tour of duty, is the mastery of the art of gentle whispering especially in official gatherngs with the full coverage of media networks. You must however, be extra careful that what you whisper is suiting and pleasant to the ego of your patron for it might cause the instantaneous demise of your career ambition.

Not a few wonder why the peace talks  are mostly held in foreign countries when the problem is just right in our backyard. Even more puzzling is the fact that the state-sponsored peace process has been going on for almost half a century now without even moving an inch from the starting square. Yet, we claim to have the most brilliant corps of diplomatic experts, consultants, and advisers who they say, can easily sell fire to the devil with a huge profit; reason why many of them are recycled... only to commit virtually the same mistakes all over again at the expense of the taxpayers.

More mind-boggling is the fact the taxpayers who are the ones footing the bills  of peace negotiators anywhere in the world. have never demonstrated even the slightest sign of fatigue, frustration, reluctance, repudiation, or dismay over the repeated mega failures of the Peace Process which has already  gobbled up public money which  to date, could very well run into billions and billions of pesos. It will not be a surprise if one day, our country will  land in the Guinness Book  of World Records as having fought the most number of anti-government armed groups and  sustained the longest running peace talks in the world. That for sure it will be a military and diplomatic feat difficult to match by even the most powerful nation on earth.

More often than not, we openly show our pettiness or indulgence in small matters. A true-to-life example is our excessive interest in claiming sovereignty over tiny islands which are hardly visible to our naked eyes. Yet for centuries, no nation showed  even just a passing interest in their existence until a sea nomad  accidentally found a pearl whose size and quality could only be attributed as a handiwork of God. Now even a riffraff plateau at the bottom of the sea has instantly become a Golden Fleece.

Lately by surprise, someone took the pain of telling me that a veteran public leader blew his top when  a ghetto-grown magus suggested for his vision  to expand even just few inches from his nose? That someone further confided that the  outrage of this political titan was triggered by the grapevine news that a notorious sysndicate is selling territories to the aborigines and that part of his landholding has already been squatted by lunar nomads.

I know he loathes poverty-cultured sages telling him what to do for it is not part of his aristocratic bloodline to listen to someone below his regal dignity. There are just to many of them around, now approaching outbreak proportions.

Frankly, I refrain from giving a scrap of time and  attention to those who besmirch the dignity and honor of anyone who lives in a glass castle or a paper hut. But just to grant you at least an aura of pyrrhic victory, I am giving you a chance to prove your imputation that I am, by all standards, a charlatan or a peddler of falsehood; just let me wear your crown and hold your scepter for a split second so you’ll know who I really am. I think the bargain is fair enough. (By Clem M. Bascar)

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