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Partners GM Belsie Agustin, Liza Jocson, and JV Faustino opined yesterday, April 6,on their morning primetime program—Comversa Quosa Ba, that many tryke drivers found even a better way to exact higher fares to their passengers, all over, that due to the new traffic scheme in La Bella; their usual reasons why they charge higherare because of their alleged longer routes to take before they can arrive to any destination.

Locals who are on a hurry, and do not want to cut their travels into two to three jeepney rides, usually take trykes for their easy mobility, but then with such a higher fare now. Partner GM Belsie qualified though that such abuse are not observed by all of the tryke drivers, there are still those who have the fear of God in their hearts, so that they do not abuse the situation. These are the good drivers who only charge fairly their passengers.

Admittedly, tryke drivers in Zamboanga City are infamously renowned as to be charging higher fares, compared to other cities in the country. We do not have to look to any far places, but close as Pagadian City. Trykes in the latter do only charge per passengerP7, within their city limits. Indeed, La Bella’s tryke drivers are pretty exceptional, negatively.

There are those who would even dare to excessively collect out-of-town passengers, and even without any necessary fear to be apprehended. According to partner JV, he remembered a passenger from Manila. The man did just arrive then in Zamboanga City, so from the airport he hired a parking tryke outside, as to drive him towards the Garden Orchid Hotel. He was charged P100!

By presumption, this relative story are then repeated for hundreds of times, all over, by abusive tryke drivers. Such manner has even given a bad repute for our City, so that transients coming or passing La Bella are quite aware then that anytime, when they are around in Zamboanga City, they will be overcharged by tryke drivers.

The actual problem then, why tryke drivers remain to be unchallenged, is because of their significant population. Local politicians are pretty scared to their number. Though the former do not openly admit such, but their inactions are very obvious. Comes the election time, if any politician is a thorn of the flesh to tryke drivers, he surely will be sabotaged to definitely not win.

After all, they are at least 15k in population, and that without yet counting their dependents. Thus, the continuous impasse remains to be in the status quo. The writer had also an experience last Sunday. He had his weekly schedule in Barangay eMedia at 12NN-2PM. So he embarked a tryke from Buenavista to Divisoria. The tryke driver demanded P100 fare to such distance. The former did not complain anymore because he was already on a hurry.

Albeit, the proper fare rate in such distance should not be as high asP100—following the present fare matrix then that we have. When other folks was asked about such distance and its corresponding fare, each differ their opinions one to the other. There were those who favored the plight of our poor tryke drivers, because according to them, in going back to downtown, they may have lesser chances to pick passengers along.

Another reacted that tryke drivers are not supposed to pass any national road, like the Maria Clara LorenzoLobregat (MCLL) national highway, such as based to a statute. But many ventilated though that if we may remain passive to the higher charges of our tryke drivers, it will be us to be blamed then to their open abuses.

We also have the colorum vehicles all over. They too are the number one contributors of the congestions in our local traffic, all over the City. And not to mention also the tens of habal-habal vehicles, which have already intruded the downtown. The very surprising thing, they are not apprehended by our authorities! One example are those habal-habal which park outside the local wharf. They are only few meters in proximity to the new Central Police Station. But nobody dared to apprehend them. Surprising, ain’t it?

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, (Selah) that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you! Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth. (Selah) Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!” (Ps. 68:1-5, ESV)

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