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Jail transfer issue another whammy?


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THE council supported City Hall provide finally the lot of more than six hectares situated in Brgy. Talisayan to help BJMP build the new city jail facilities outside the city proper periphery where its old ZC reformatory center has been there for a long time- dating back in pre-war days. It amended Ord. # 282 intended to establish public cemeteries in ZC, and by doing so, converts it now into other purposes the city may want it utilized— to include for its new city reformatory center.


NOW the problem is that under BJMP policy as embodied in its laws, as we gathered from jail authorities here, jail facilities shouldn’t be built in an area more than 15 kilometers away from the hall of justice where they have to bring their detainees regularly to face charges filed against them in court.

Brgy. Talisayan in the west-coast, is more than 20 kilometers away from the city proper, and therefore, runs just its opposite. Its jail warden C/Insp. Ervin Diaz who left Wednesday for Pagadian City where its regional BJMP office is based, has been trying to suggest from the start that the most ideal site to construct a new city reformatory center is somewhere near the PRO9 main headquarters in Brgy. Mercedes, only some 9 to 10 kilometers east of the city proper.

IF the city gov’t under Mayor Beng and the jail authorities here continue to engage in their verbal clashes over the dragging jail transfer issue, and knowing how time flies, we’ll end up empty-handed once again, as far as the need to already decongest our extremely overcrowded jail facilities on Varela St., is concerned.

THE ultimatum given for the BJMP here to put into use its funding of P194 million, specifically appropriated for the construction of the city’s new jail facilities,  is only up to June this year.

If it lapses without any such accomplishment, then the money goes back to its national treasury for use of same purpose in another region having same jail transfer issue or sans any jail facility at all.

SEE the ill-effect the city suffers here? It only makes us sad more to note that a similar case of such an apathy happened to us, as well, when the city failed to grab the rare opportunity given us by the national gov’t when it put up huge funding for the transfer of our ZC International Airport somewhere in the east-coast— again in Brgy. Mercedes. That was about 2 decades ago. But, again the city acted with such same indifference. And, the funding for such purpose was transferred to another local gov’t unit that was either for Cagayan de Oro City or for Iloilo City.

THE new Iloilo International Airport was constructed and completed in June 14, 2007 to replace its old one located right in its barangay poblacion of Mandurriao that has been converted into a military base now after serving (for 70 years) its folks fond of air travels by commercial passenger planes. Cagayan de Oro City built and completed its new international airport in June 15, 2013 to replace its old Lumbia airport right situated within its city proper.

SEE those dates when their new international airports finally were realized? That was the same period when our city was on the top list of the National Economic Development Authority(NEDA)’s gargantuan plan to develop old-aged international airports in the countryside, to include constructingnew ones in their more ideal transferred sites.

WHAT a pathetic tale to narrate to you such whammy in the past. But, this they can’t deny at all.

Yan sayang lang kta.


IT appears there’s a raging word-war on TV and radio between Asst. Exec. Asst. Jawo’ Jimenez and CDRRMO head Dr. Elmeir Apolinario. When the media learned of the former councilor(Jawo’)’s supposed tirades for the CDRRMO’s apathetic stance in helping the city address its chronic traffic problems albeit having on its mantle the huge logistics to confront disasters in these days of crises, they let Dr. Apolinario face them to get his side. “I cannot do that, quiere ba sila man ombudsman cumigo?” COA even warned my office not to just utilize all these facilities that are not within its scope as defined by law. Ese mga violations y otras pa, bajo ya se na di-ila mandato. Mine as head of the CDRRMO, is different. They don’t know what they’re talking about,” Dr. Elmeir O. explained his side.

LET’S just stick to our specific functions, and why can’t we just talk it over and thresh out whatever differences we have in a subtle way nay being too cocky in-front of media? Cay ultimo-ora, they’ll mistake you as just doing such for publicity stunt.Let’s not overlap certain functions ok?



THE Local Inter-Agency Committee (LIAC), on instruction of Mayor Beng Climaco—Salazar, convened last Wednesday morning in the office of CDRRMO head Dr. Elmeir Apolinario to help address a number of issues affecting most particularly our IDPs here.

DR. Apolinario revealed that among the salient points discussed were LWUA’s request from our lady hizzoner to help them identify the true and exact site where its herculean sewerage treatment plant(STP) construction purportedly to serve better our local community in the cleanliness and sanitation aspect, will soon rise; the alleged P6,500 collection fees reportedly being urged to pay by Zamcelco from temporary settlers housed at present in Masepla to foot their light bills; the unsavory report that certain bunkhouses are being illicitly used for illegal purposes like serving as prostitution dens, and let them be aware that not all bunkhouses be decommissioned as they’re considered highly usable to shelter evacuees in times of big disasters that may occur in our midst.

The LIAC meeting was well attended by the various agencies of gov’t like the DPWH, NHA, DSWD/ OCSW, DepEd, ZCWD. Zamcelco, City Engineer’s Office, PNP and the AFP’S Task Force Zamboanga, to mention some present. Also present was Dist. 2 Councilor Jimmy Villaflores who’s the chair of the council’s committee on Oversight that takes charge of IDP’s issues in the city’s legislative body.

Good. LIAC’s attendance last Wednesday was impressive. Keep getting involved you, guys! For the sake of our less fortunate folks in ZC, most specifically the still distraught IDPs who’re mostly the victims of the city’s three-year old bloody “Zamboanga Siege” that erupted in Sept. of 2013. Without their faults of their own, these people numbering still in the hundred thousands have been wallowing in their abstract poverty since they were forcibly evacuated by our gov’t authorities lest they’d be caught in the crossfire as fighting was fierce in the three-week ongoing hostilities between our gov’t troops and the MNLF invaders numbering in hundreds and described as mightily armed. Their running battles resulted to over 200 killed, to include the innocent civilians, and a large destruction to properties when five villages were devastated at the height of the armed confrontation.

This we pray that never such a tragic event would return to our place again. Never  ever please! We, peace-loving Zamboangueños, plead you.  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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