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I won’t comment on comment,” thus wisely remarked VM Cesar Iturralde when asked to make a stand on the controversial jail transfer issue last Thursday.

HE said he couldn’t add anymore on the said issue as the city has already done its part and is just waiting the final decision from its BJMP central office in Metro Manila.

Earlier, the city council approved the city’s offer to the BJMP its lot of more than 6 hectares in Brgy. Talisayan where the new city jail facilities will likely be constructed to replace its old one that’s presently located on Varela St. at the city proper.

The BJMP has only up to June (or is it July?) to use for the purpose its allocated funding of P 194 million, and simply awaiting the city’s own counterpart and that’s to provide a suitable lot for the construction of a new one that’s more conducive and more spacious as to heed to its standard for reformation purpose of its all inmates facing their respective charges in court.

Its City Jail Warden C/Insp. Ervin Diaz has been vocal for the city local officials, since he was assigned here late last year, to provide the lot as soon as possible as BJMP is set to establish a new jail reformatory center in ZC with its needed funding of an adequate amount to put up one, and hoping it’ll immediately push through in time to resolve the city jail’s extreme congestion woes.

DIAZ, we gathered, is not sold to the city’s recommended site that’s in Brgy. Talisayan, as it’s roughly 20 kilometers far apart from the halls of Justice, and that worries him.He said anything can happen on the transit when their inmates will be brought down to the city proper that far. The risk of their being rescued by their outside comrades-in-arm and the vantage-position along the highway is just too tempting to resist on the part of their nemesis, and that should be highly considered as a dangerous prospect.

Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar cut Diaz and advised him to put everything on his part into formal writing.

VM Iturralde informed this corner that by now the city has already communicated officially in writing the BJMP central office since the city council approved a resolution supporting the lady city executive’s decision (was it an amending ordinance to modify its initial one?) to offer the city-owned Talisayan lot that was earlier intended for a public cemetery in the far-flung villages of the west-coast, as the new site where to transfer its city reformatory center from its present area that’s just too much overpopulated where its total number of inmates has swelled to triple more—almost 2,500? Or even more than that?

Its skyrocketing figures apparently alarmed Diaz to come out in the media and told everything about its true status.

“Now the ball is in their hands as the city has already offered BJMP the lot they’re looking for,” commented a top City Hall source.

What’s your say if any, Major Diaz?

I tried to get his side last Thursday afternoon but its jail guards informed this corner that their warden couldn’t be disturbed as he was tired and was resting after arriving from a long travel to Pagadian City where their BJMP regional office is based.

So, what more could I do but said nothing in my effort to get the side of their jail warden Diaz?

IN the name of fair play, we are going extra miles to be able to get both sides of the issue, but in a lot of cases, we end up frustrating and just edgy and uncomfortably winding up our episode for the day feeling there’s absolutely lacking more to it. Is it our fault? Nope! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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