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Probably for good reasons, but which can readily be subjugated by corrective methods, jail officials continue to look with negativity the city-offered government property in Talisayan as site for its new facility.

This comes after an inspection conducted yesterday by jail and Zamboanga local government officials in the area.

Jail Inspector Florito Anios did express gratitude for the city government’s offer on the property but outlined reasons why they are having doubts that it will be an ideal site to house the new reformatory centre. Let’s dissect the reasons, folks.

First, Anios noted, the six hectare property is located 200 meters from the highway and 150 meters from a public school, saying it will be a security risk to transport detainees to their court hearings on a daily basis.

Second, roads leading to the property are narrow, particularly the entrance to the property where a bus can hardly enter.

Furthermore, the property is said to be located relatively near to the Talisayan coast, a factor which can also be considered as a security risk.

On the first. Security risks due to distance - Jail authorities can always seek the help of the military as well as the police in escorting inmates.

Second, another security risk due to proximity to a public school and the sea coast - friends, San Ramon is by the sea itself. San Ramon officials were bothered by it. Nd of the school, if an escape perpetrated daytime, jil; guards will catch up with them before they go 150 meters. And as  normally under darkness, there are no kids left in school.

Third, that shallow water table will cost more for a two-storey prison building - The Sangguinag Panlungsod sits on a sandy base. We doubt when similar architectural and engineering measures are undertaken will be as costly as imagined.

Fourth, roads... are narrow, particularly entrance to it -  They can always request the City to widen them, as that could still form part of its counterpart share.

Anios, however said, despite drawbacks, the decision on whether to recommend the property to the national government for jail construction will depend on the BJMP Regional Director (RD) who has yet to see the property. - Dear folks, should jail authorities, simply institute the corrections, they may rightly recommend directly to their RD for its acceptance.

Gentlemen, please bear in  mind, you have a timetable within which to utilize BJMP’s P194 million. When deadline comes, the money will be diverted elsewhere, which other other jail authorities will welcome the money with open arms and legs.

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In  succession, two bodies were found dead in different areas and under different circumstances. The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) found the body of an engineering student of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) who has been missing and feared drowned in a beach in the west coast of Zamboanga City two days ago.

According to authorities, Kasan Alih Limbuna, 19, single, residing in Katatagan, Barangay Upper Calarian  was

Found dead near paseo de Mar some 48 hours later.

In another development, the cadaver of a teenager who was brutally murdered was found in a vacant grassy area in Purok 1, Barangay Sinunuc, this city, on Monday.

Police Station 8 commander Chief Inspector Antonio Duruin Jr. told Zamboanga Today that a certain Mercedes Mariano initially claimed that the victim was her daughter, Marlyn Marinao y Atilano, 18, single, of Sinunuc.

And Duruin averred that when Mercedes was already being charged for burial expenses by the funeral parlor where the cadaver was brought, she then disowned the victim.

Duruin said the lifeless body of the teen discovered the cadaver covered with twigs.

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Here is one for the European Union and the Human Rights Watch for them teeth-grind.

President Duterte said Wednesday, any policeman who kills a drug lord will be given a two-rank promotion and those who may be charged will be pardoned.

Rejecting criticisms of alleged human rights abuses, the President vowed to sustain the campaign against illegal drugs until the last drug lord is neutralized. He bewailed that drug lords have turned four million Filipinos into slaves of the illegal drugs.

Duterte also promised anew to defend and protect policemen performing their duty but would deal harshly against uniformed personnel involved in the drug trade.

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Meanwhile, Education Secretary Leonor Briones sounded a call for the public to support the government’s war on drugs, decrying, the “senseless and violent” murder of two female students by an alleged drug addict early this week in Siquijor .

“The unnecessary demise of these two young lives dramatizes the need to support the government’s campaign against the use of illegal drugs,” said Briones in an official statement.

The two female students were said to have been killed by a “known user of illegal drugs.”

“While  much attention has been placed on the human rights of drug users, pushers, and financiers, not much focus was given to the victims and their families whose lives were destroyed  as a result of the careless, mindless, and selfish choices of these addicts,” Briones, a former chairperson of the Silliman University, said.

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A highly contentious Fourth Round of the Formal Talks between the Philippine Government (GRP) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) came to an end in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, April 6, with both parties agreeing to set into motion mechanisms that will lead to a joint ceasefire agreement, and take a more aggressive stance in forging a Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (Caser), which is the backbone of negotiations that could end more than 48 years of armed conflict.

No date for next meetin hs yet been announced.

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Freed years Romeo Jalosjos, after serving his sentence, is asking President Duterte to grant him absolute pardon in a move seen as an apparent preparation for his plan to run in the midterm elections in 2019.

His conviction in 1997 for statutory rape was commuted by his political ally, then President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Statutory rape is when if even with express consent - to include payment acceptance - one engages in a sexual act with a female aged below twelve years old.

In a public notice of the Board of Pardons and Parole (BPP) published in newspapers yesterday, Jalosjos’ name was included as one of the 36 convicts seeking the President’s executive clemency this year.

And BPP executive director Reynaldo Bayang said, “Any interested party may send his/her written objections/comments/information relevant to the cases of above-named prisoners to the undersigned not later than 30 days from date of publication.”

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Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV has described a group of peasants granted free government housing intended for the police and the military, as an organized group of land grabbers, and a front for communists.

Trillanes was referring to the Katipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap or Kadamay, who forced occupancy of  government housing projects in Pandi town and San Jose Del Monte City in Bulacan province.

The senator charged Duterte was actually surrounded by members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines who he said were “dictating policies” in the government, and that the President is aware of it.

The senator also made some other serious statements, providing the Inquirer a list of 11 senior members of the CPP/New People’s Army/National Democratic Front who were part of the Duterte administration, including Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, who happens to be chair of the government peace panel in peace talks with the NDF.

Trillanes claimed he got this list from military sources.

Per his list, Medialdea was identified as a CPP full member while Bello, an “active national democrat.”

On the free government housings for Kadamay, Trillanes warned that the community may be used as a “sanctuary” or “safe haven” of communist rebels as he noted that Bulacan was just near Metro Manila.

Trillanes said he understood the need for the government to help the poor but that the grant of free housing to this group might also set a bad precedent.

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The main Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)  on Wednesday has finally destroyed the laboratory suspected to have produced “shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride), discovered in Arayat town in Pampanga province in September last year.

PDEA personnel used acetylene torch to destroy the metal equipment and crushed the glassware set up by Chinese suspects at the foothills of Mt. Arayat in Barangay Lacquios.

Police have filed charges against Sunday Chua, Jacky Lee Shi and Anthony Cua Reyes for allegedly setting up the facility and manufacturing shabu there.

But only one suspect, Hong Wenzheng, was arrested and held at the provincial jail.

On Sept. 7 last year, PDEA shut down an underground shabu factory in nearby Magalang town.

The two laboratories were 5 kilometers apart but investigators had not found proof that these facilities operated as part of a network. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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