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Lumayang’s Monte Santo & Monte Agua


In the past, Barangay Lumayang was just an obscure and quite an insignificant or rather a very sleepy community of farming folks, situated upper than the Barangay Lumbangan and bordering barangays Pasonanca and Lunzuran. Albeit, in just less than five years, things have then greatly changed!Well, such is understandable, due to the good and effective leadership of their local officials.

Lumayang was used to be known as a rural outskirt of high-tempered drunkards, who could easily challenge any bolo duel on late afternoon times, after any serious tuba sessions. But today, the place is even acknowledged openly, by everyone in La Bella, that it almost has a 0% rate of criminality, and even on the issue of illegal drugs.

Their latest pride are their tourist landmarks, that besides of its excellent vantage elevation, which offers anyone who can be in the place to experience a good panorama of the downtown La Bella. I’m referring to Lumayang’s Monte Santo and Monte Agua. The former is a religious site,for any pilgrim who wishes to reconnect himself to God, especially like now—the Holy Week.

In fact, a notable crowd of local tourists, from other barangays in La Bella, are already presently flocking in the place, by the hundreds and in trucks or cars. According to Barangay eMedia’s partner Kap Frederick Atilano—Lumayang’s Barangay Captain, they expect thousands of devotees to climb to their place in the entire week, to either observe penitence or to just simply unwind.

Lumayang’s officials is giving a 100% guarantee to the public a full safety, they said that to all of the visitors who may climb to their place on the entire Lent, just like last year, they have nothing to worry or fear then. But of course, beside of their local tanods, you also can visibly see all over uniformed policemen, who are intentionally detailed by the City Hall itself.

For years, it used to be just solely the Abong-abong Park, which offered the religious venue for all the Christian faithfuls, came the Holy Week. Now, Zamboanga City just have another alternative, which is the Monte Santo of Lumayang. It also has the 13 station sites, all through which any Catholic may be able to exercise religious or reflective worship, as such which he used to exclusively do, in the past, only in Abong-Abong.

This good development is a better advantage then for all the Zamboangueños. Remember, Zamboanga City has a population of almost a million people. So, as a way to decongest a concentration in just a single place, obviously Lumayang is a perfect alternative.Too, the authorities may easily endeavor a better security measures, when two holy sites are then available for the Zamboangueño people. Ain’t it? You know how evil elements sometimes can use any religious holidays, as a vulnerable time to disrupt our City’s peace and order.

The second spot: Monte Agua is a family resort in Lumayang. It has a big swimming pool—a pretty andperfect rendezvous for the entry of the summer months. It has complete amenities, so that its management does confidently open it to the public, even to those who may intent to stay overnight. Again, Lumayang is overlooking the view of the downtown La Bella. Thus, one can imagine to how breath-taking is the experience—in a pool and at a nighttime, watching-over the view of our City.

Another good news, Lumayang is after all not so remote. If you reside in pueblo, you actually can reach to the place, via a personal vehicle, in just short as 15-20 minute drive. That if the traffic along the MCLL Highway is not that worse! Or one may just take any jeepney which plies towards the East Coast, then drop to hire any habal-habal vehicles at the entry of Lumbangan.

With regards to a tryke transportation, so long as it has a newer machine, it can definitely take you safely to the uphill climb towards Lumayang. However, if the tryke is instead not that good shape, the best advice is not anymore dare its hills. Anyways, another way of entrance to Lumayang is to pass the bypass road. The latter is not so stiff, as compared to the former. Anything will do, after all, to whoever is excited to experience Barangay Lumayang.

“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” (Zech. 9:9, ESV)

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