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Wakan” to invade ZC soon


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GOD isn’t always good. He can be very severe to us if grievously in sin:  “Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.(Romans 11:22). Email:



IS there truth to the lament of those residents in Brgy. Muti that nobody from our local officialdom responded to its beleaguered Muslim religious leader named Ustadz Munip Yahsin who was allegedly subjected to serious harassment supposedly by cops who were searching for illegal firearms from his residence one late night?

Ustadz Yahsin had claimed he was hogtied and blindfolded by the raiding policemen who, according to him, forcibly entered his house sans any search warrant to show. He said he’d file charges (Had he filed already?) against his supposed tormentors before the Commission on Human rights for alleged human rights violation.

“Nuay alto oficiales ya responde na amon lugar durante el incidente,” the Ustadz’s relative who asked her name be withheld, decried.

“Puera lang el antes Consehal Elong Natividad, ele ya respondena diamon problema (Except for ex-Councilor (Elong Natividad (Dist. 2), he responded to our problem,” she said.

Where do you think they’re( elective officials) when their own people are in distress, like the case of the ustadz here?

I think not all, but indisputably many of them are merely biting their fingernails at home, only to come for a ride-on if something already gets out of hand. Talli ya sos para man grandstanding yatamen. Ke clase erensia se.



NOTE how Cong. Celso Lobregat from Dist. 1 lashes the city gov’t every now and then?

A little flaw or supposed blunder on the part of the city, Cong. Celso will bombard you with his harsh statements on tv, radio or newspaper.

One top City Hall official who opted anonymity said during Lobregat’s reign in City Hall, no one from them could ever open their mouth against then Mayor Celso Lobregat. “We respected him while in rein of City Hall being our city mayor. Now that Mayor Beng sits in City Hall he never shows same respect at all. This is very unfair to us,” he expressed his dismay.

“Manada dao ustedes camali poreso. Ele dao hinde’ ta man camali,” aba c Bogs ta compara.

“Manatamen le palpak, no le abla cay perfecto le,” na c Ador ya anda contra cun Bogs.

“Mio se mga idols kequiere yo man huntu, huntu ya sila cosa ta abla c Mam Caling,” c Nado dol peacemaker man ara ta kda.



WHAT’S going on between Zamcelco and DepEd, most particularly the person of our good friend Pete Natvidad its DepEd’s asst. regional director?

“Dol maga bata yaman ta kda sila bosing?” c Bogs ta straña.

Zamcelco, we all knew, deprived Mercedes high school of its electricity for non-payment of its arrears amounting to something like in the thousands. So, they decided to cut off its electricity till they settle their pending arrears.

But, Pete Melchor N. didn’t take it just sitting down. He roared with such invectives, stressing Zamcelco never had the courtesy at all to first inform them or at-least gave them a little leeway to settle their back accounts. He went further like disparaging Zamcelco, “Ta manda gane’ kame canila usa diamon classrooms durante di-ila mga district board elections,  y aura curta yalang sila curiente del escuela?”

That sounded pretty tough on Zamcelco.

But, Zamcelco came back, justifying their action, saying they don’t give a damn who they’re as they’re doing it fair and square to all member-consumers who’re delinquent in they payment of their billings to their power coop. “If we don’t do that, our collections will be badly affected, and if that happens then the whole ZC populace will suffer if Zamcelco won’t be given anymore its power allocations (by IPPs),” its board prexy Omar Sahi was heard as saying.

Now who is talking through his teeth here?



You know the game of the so-called Wakan?

This is the favorite pastime of our Muslim brothers in Sulu to be soon introduced in our city.

“This is similar to a cockfighting going on in the cockpit. But their fighting cocks are put to fight to the last till they just give up due to sheer exhaustion. If that happens to one of them, then the one who’s still fresh surviving the “fight to-the-last” cock derby will be declared the winner,” one of its aficionados revealed.

Quiere decir se taman uwakan lang asta quien man surrender sin nabaha amarao na pies.” Tupao c Nado ke quiere tamen huga deste huego cay bien hugador ste de gallera.

“Yan bisto combos Nado cay bien gambler gale bos. Acabaya bos cun Bato.”

Ese pa ya alcansa cun Nado. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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