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Lord, Was It a Miracle?


Dropped in a zone completely isolated from all kinds of civilization; here, you see nothing but unforgivingly ruthless, treacherous, and uncharted jungle... lair of the most dreaded and unconscionable head-cutting kidnap -for- ramson band, the execution of which, can only be suspended or prevented if you comply with their madly exhorbitant demand; on top of the principal, is another bill of a staggering amount representing your board and lodging expenses while in their solitary and mentally -torturing custody.

The fresh memory of a caucasian who’s head flew out of his body with just one lightning “swish of the kris” because he failed to come across the ramsom demand for his liberty, still haunts and paralyzes anyone’s spine;

Proudly, I am the Sergeant in command of this elite team of jungle fighters ready for anything that the predicament of this nature would present including the possibility of instant disappearance from the face of the earth;

As we crawl under cover of darkness  mentally we  try to match the  actual landscapes with those maps prepared by our experts in the secret service division which we painstakingly studied and mastered before embarking on this do or die rescue mission; of course, experience tells us that the actual scenario on the ground might be entirely different from the sketch extracted from the asset’s feed;

Despite the insurmountable odds and aware of the all-around and sensible presence of enemies, patriotic duty demands that the mission must proceed as planned no matter what the  price and consequence of every action we take; that’s exactly what our mission is all about;

Suddenly, the silence is shattered by the ear-splitting sounds of gunfire from all sides of the hill; it’s too late for us  to realize that we took the wrong turn— the same mistake committed by similar missions before us; against all odds, our only choice is to’s our unbreakable code of war;

Days after, jolted back to full consciousness in a hospital confined for multiple gunshot wounds, our Commanding General by my bedside  surprisingly and proudly breaks the news:

“Sgt. Alvarez, you have been promoted to a rank higher and tomorrow the President will personally award you the Medal of Valor for a very successful rescue mission. The kidnap victim is now on his way to his home country.Go back to sleep for your much needed rest.”

All I can mentally say in utter disbelief is, “Lord, was it a miracle? (By Clem M. Bascar)

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