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Zamcelco still hopeful of its proposed IMC


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ZAMCELCO is still hopeful it can eke out a good deal with either Meralco or Aboitiz.

Recall both bidders for IMC failed to forge any deal with our power coop in its maiden bidding process held last March as they questioned certain terms and conditions in Zamcelco’s Terms of Reference (ToR).

“We’re still optimistic although we failed to finalize with them for the IMC in our bidding process(held last March 27),” Zamcelco OIC Engr. Ed Ancheta informed this corner last Monday.

He said they already sent their official communication-letter to NEA that stated in there what the two bidders wish to modify in their ToRs for its perusal, and for its reconsideration.

“We’re even willing to sacrifice if NEA finds their recommendations and/or suggestions worth considering. We really need the IMC at this point in time, even if our system’s loss now has decreased to a certain degree,” Engr. Ancheta said, adding that Zamcelco’s system’s loss right now has dived from 22% to 19%.

ONE of their supposed demands is for them to take over Zamcelco’s management. That’s Meralco’s deep concern of Zamcelco’s present management that it apparently wants addressed with their very own to come in. While Aboitiz’s serious concern, according to Ancheta, is that they’re likely to take highly the risk of losing when venturing into IMC with Zamcelco with its current financial status in the red.

ENGR. Ancheta said he remains up to now as OIC of Zamcelco despite the recent BI done on him by NEA after the board strongly recommended in its resolution that he be made permanent already as its GM in time for the coming in of the IMC.

“Perhaps it’ll only come after the IMC shall have already been forged,” Engr. Ancheta hinted, reiterating he’s willing to sacrifice for the good of Zamcelco. That means he’s amenable if it’s resolved by all parties that either Meralco or Aboitiz is firmly recommending that they’ll only come in if they be allowed to manage for themselves the ailing power coop here which is Zamcelco.

“Cumigonuay man problema. I’m willing to sacrifice,” Ancheta humbly pointed out.

He said the NEA which sent its inquiry team to make their own background investigation (BI) on his lifestyle before they could approve the board’s resolution backing him up to be its next GM, now knew where he stays, and that’s in a pretty unlikely home described with all modesty as not befitting to be within GM’s standard of living.

“They discovered and were even shocked to find out that I’m just staying in my small house with a sala that’s just very modest when they visited me in my house at Don Toribio Rd. in Tetuan,” Engr. Ancheta with all candidness, disclosed.


ENGR. Ancheta also stated that its supposed miscommunication gap with DepEd on the issue of the Mercedes High School’s supposed unpaid arrears for three months, “Ya aregla yaman se Jun (It has already been settled Jun). They already paid for the 2 months, and we already restored the light to them (Mercedes HS). There’s yet 1-month remaining to settle (the total arrears of 3 months). Mga P45 thousand lang man kel, but we couldn’t do otherwise because this the policy of our power coop. We just have to disconnect any of them if they already accrue this much (of 3 month-arrears or more),” Engr. Ancheta clarified.

That’s pretty cool to find out the real score about its OIC in the person of Engr. Ed Ancheta for a long time has been serving Zamcelco with a likely untainted record whose being its regular GM appears even long overdue.

What do you think, folks? (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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