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I am sure you did not wait for john to blaze this trail; today he exists only in the legends of deserts, rivers, and rain forests; besides the now generation hardly remembers the events of the red sea, mount sinai, golgotha, and the olive trees; as monarch of the day no one dares to defy your word; john, they say, is too trivial for one to give a fleeting glance or cause even just a feeble stir among the hobos; much more insignificant is the vast expanse of  your caprice; which is why, by the luxury of lightning and the extravagance of thunder, the royal right of territorial sovereignty for the longest time, has always been  exercised by the highwaymen of the setting sun.

Please ask me not to trek this trail with you by my side,  not even for once; for sure it will only widen the chasm between us; hereabouts, each one knows that it rightfully belongs to caesar and no one has ever lived to tell the tale of his journey along this trail; now I must take the first suicidal step toward an empty  silver platter.

Everyone in this land of orphans and paupers, wants a lion’s share of this long dispossessed kingdom even if it costs his own dear life; that’s why for centuries the throne remains vacant and the usurper constantly holds the scepter, laughing like hyenas all the time.

What is it that you are digging for, sir? I thought you came to educate us and teach us the art of running a government. Forgive me if I have become  a little bit curious for your comfort, but  I noticed that from the day you set foot on our island, all you have been doing is using that gadget that makes dicriminating sounds upon contact with metals. Are you hunting for some treasure around this area, sir?

You know man, sometimes curiosity can cause you a lot of trouble and in some extreme cases, your life. Trust me if I tell you that the best thing for you to do when you see strangers doing excavation work anywhere around this almost forgotten part of the sun’s empire, is simply pretend to be deaf, mute, and blind. You might even walk home wearing a crown of gold. Do I make myself clear, man? By the way, what runaway wind brought you to this  unlikely place at this most unholy hour?

Sir, I am here for my traditional Via Crucis. I hope you won’t mind if I make a slight correction on what you said.  On the contrary,  three o’clock in the afternoon is the hour of Great Mercy, the exact time when our Lord gave up His life to redeem all of us.

Are you sure about what you are saying, man? Does your God also save thieves?

Absolutely, Sir. In fact, the first man He took with Him to paradise, was a thief.

Would it be alright if I join you in your act of faith, man?

Of course, there will be great rejocing in heaven if you do that. Sir, I’m sure you will be so happy if I tell you that you are the 2nd thief in the entire history of redemption that  I am taking to paradise right now... and I assure you that our journey this time will be easy and light.

My Savior and My God, please forgive me for my failure to recognize Thee immediately. I was blinded by my lust for the pleasures of mortal life.

My son, let’s begin our voyage with the lifting of the cross. (By Clem M. Bascar)

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