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“Easter bugs bunny?”


First, let me greet everyone Happy Easter! Let us always remember that the Lord has died for our sins and He is risen!

In the parlance of an IT practitioner, a bug is another term for a virus that infects the operating system of a computer. The bug truncates data stored and then everything else goes loco in the cabesa!This virus represents the “sins” in our lives that dictates the tempo of our system called “humanity.”

We have so many bugs in our system that one of them is “Dishonesty” wherein lies graft and corruption. Pope Francis, in one of his homilies, said that “despite the perks and high living they may bring, bribery, corruption and dishonest work are serious sins that rob people and their children of their dignity.” He further stressed that “devotees of the goddess of kickbacks” bring home “dirty bread” for their children to eat.

“Their children, perhaps educated in expensive colleges, perhaps raised in well-educated circles, have received filth as a meal from their father,” rendering them “starved of dignity,” he said in his homily.

The number one enemy is the devil, the pope said, because “it is he who causes harm” with his love for a worldly atmosphere, values and lifestyles.

Worldly habits, taking short cuts and choosing the easiest way to make money are part of “the habit of bribery;” a way of living that is “intensely sinful,” he said.

“God commanded us to bring home bread (made) with our honest work,” the pope said. But when people engage in dishonesty, they “give their children dirty bread” and “filth” to eat because they have lost their dignity. “And this is a serious sin!” he said.

“Perhaps it starts out with a small envelope (of cash), but it’s like a drug,” he said, and “the bribery habit becomes an addiction.”

The pope asked that people pray “for the many children and young people who receive dirty bread from their parents: They too are hungry, starved of dignity.”

If one is appointed to a position in government one does not rightfully belong, regardless of qualifications just because one is closest to the power that be, will inherit a position without dignity!

This Easter, let us all put honest food on our table and go after the Easter bunny and not the bugs!

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