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Mayor Beng downplays Ford Ranger road mishap


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ON yesterday's (April 17) weekly press briefing of City Hall, ZCPO Director S/Supt. LuisitoMagnaye vowed no stone unturned “as far as their actions are concerned.”

“It was a legitimate operation conducted by the joint operatives of the SAF, NBI and the Curuan police in the area(Brgy. Muti). There was warrant of arrest when they conducted such an operation. But there was something worth looking into as far as their actions (done that particular period) are concerned,” Magnaye further elaborated. He said he created a special probe team to look deeper into the incident.

That’s most welcomed Col.Magnaye, to eraseany iota of doubts in the minds of the public about a possible cover-up.

USTADZ Munip Yahsin filed raps versus the raiding team that supposedly barged into his domicile in search of any illegal firearms that resulted to naught, after all. The Ustadz had complained that he was gravely humiliated when he was hogtied and blindfolded by those who raided his house during that unholy hour of the night. He said they forcibly entered his place sans any search warrant. Magnaye, when informed of such a supposed violation, clarified that even without a search warrant, still it was a legitimate operation as the raiding operatives were equipped with a warrant of arrest. “Ang problema lang dito the way they acted when they conducted the operation. That’s what we’re investigating now,” according to him. He appeared infuriated when he learned that the victim lost his cellphones and an amount of money during the said raid. “Definitely we’re seriously looking into all of these as we’re now conducting our special probe,” he assured.

Let’s see in the days to come what’ll be the police findings on this as Magnaye also emphasized that there were other law enforcement agencies who participated in the controversial Muti raid that particular wee hours of the day.



WHY our lady Mayor Beng sounded like no longer keen to blow up the pretty highly controversial road mishap issue that reportedly had her own backup Ford Ranger vehicle as having seriously figured in the supposed vehicular accident? That makes our local media here having its field day nailing those for such a supposed road malfeasance look like silly and even stupid.

What seemingly appears more revolting now to the media sector here that feasted on the issue for a number of days, is the fact that no less ZCPO Dir. Luisito Magnaye scored the press on same uproar, “Why are making this issue big?”

AND, this briefly stirred more excitement on  same topic when the press snapped back, “This is a government vehicle, sir( that means taxpayers’ money).”

AND, certainly that can’t be taken for granted, at all. Right Mayor Beng, Col. Magnaye, sir?

And, how much does a brand-new Ford Ranger vehicle cost in the auto market right now?

“Jun, its market price is pegged right now at P1.3 million to P1.4 million,” bared one local car owner yesterday.

Whew! Certainly, that hurts the pocket of Juan dela Cruz.  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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