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A Brother’s Keeper


Two nights ago—April 17, a security guard detailed in the BFAR office, along the RT Lim Boulevard, shot his companion using his service firearm, an M-16 rifle. The gunshot wounds of the victim must be fatal then, because the latter succumbed and died in the process. After the incident, the killer-buddy fled and leaving his said firearm in the crime scene. A hot pursuit operation was right away endeavored by the Police Station (PS) 11 against the former. And as to the writing of this article, the killer remains to be at-large.

At present, a deeper investigation is undertaken by the police, to determine the precise motive of the killing. People around who saw the victim did immediately rush him to the nearest hospital, but unluckily the man was declared as already dead on arrival (DOA). The incident was a total surprise to everyone, including the people in BFAR, simply because all was fully unaware to whether there was any rift between the two.

All presumed then that the involved security guards were performing indeed their jobs professionally. Of course, they would have too. The office which they are employed is an important government agency. Albeit, things occurred so drastic, so that nobody did have any hint, whatsoever, of the probable boiling misunderstanding between the two.

Now, a latter development cropped up; the police investigation bore that the serial number of the killer’s service firearm was tampered. Thus, PS 11 may file charges as well against the security agency of the guards. Absolutely, a coming loads of headaches are expected to collide against the security agency of the guards involved.

Filipinos love to perform things, often, the short-cut way. Well, the simple reason is for convenience. The presumptionis: maybe the service firearm is unlicensed. Hence, to make it appear as licensed, the firearm serial number was tamperedthen. Probably, the agency ran out of official service firearms, so the short-cut was done. Besides, as it is an actual and open knowledge to all, such strategy is also a bit economical.

When said violation was discovered, many said that the agency will definitely face serious and legal implications by the State itself. Actually, such is now the plain scenario of theagency. Well, in the police investigation, if the former may be called, they will be asked to explain the irregularity. Or if PS 11 may submit then an immediate complaint against the former, the agency will be asked as well, by the fiscal’s office, to produce its counter affidavit.

In the doctrine of the due process clause, even the accused has all the substantive rights to defend himself in any court of law. In other words the trail will be a little long way yet. But the real and present concern is, the agency may be compelled to temporarily close from its operation. Barangay eMedia ain’t certain though, about this aspect. But any progress of this case, we promise to keep you abreast.

Buddies are always presumed to be working together well, to the extent even of that they are to develop a degree of friendship amongst themselves. As in the case of these two security guards, due to the risks of their profession, the more they were expected to be helping each other, and never to harm each other—not even in their dreams.

But that night of the shooting, we the general public were left to be only wild-guessing if what in the world happened why the two companions ended up the one killing the other! Their story must not be followed, by all means, to other security guards all over in the City. The trust and confidence reposed upon them by the hiring office or entity are pretty high. In fact, such expectation should never be failed, not anytime.

The killer failed then to be a brother’s keeper of his buddy. When he can be apprehended, we will know then why he shot his companion. The strong and long arm of the law is now hunting him. Anytime, he can be apprehended then, as to answer the liability he incurred. Barangay eMedia is thinking as well about the families of both the victim and the assailant, because at this time they are the very ones who suffering the most, from the incident.

“If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame. A man’s spirit will endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear? An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” (Prov. 18:13-17, ESV)

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