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Celso/Mannix rift for reel or real?


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)


THREE days after the death of Jesus at the cross in Mt. Calvary, he resurrected and that only showed he conquered death through glorification. “Touch me and see for yourselves that a ghost has no flesh and bones as I have.” (Luke 24:39).Email:


ZCPO DIR. S/Supt. Luisito Magnaye aptly came to the defense of his cop whose identity was kept under wraps when photographed together with the arrested main suspect in the aborted abduction of Dr. Iturralde in his clinic in Brgy. Talon-Talon about a year ago.

“This could be the handiwork of the photojournalist to protect the identity (of the cop) in the picture. But, this I can assure to everyone, our policemen are not afraid to come out in the open to protect our people here,”  Magnaye assured when facing the local press during last Monday’s CH press-con.

MAGNAYE reacted to one harsh query from the floor during the press briefing in City Hall to dispel any misconception that our police are fearful for their lives in their fight against the terrorist group infiltrating the city.

“We’re here to secure and protect the city and our people here, and definitely we’re not afraid of them (terrorists). We’ll fight to the last against them if only to secure and protect the city, at all cost,” he added.

THAT’s pretty cool to hear from you speaking in that manner, Colonel. Those are all assuring words more than enough to appease the feelings of everyone here. But again, let’s walk the talk, right Col.?



THE recently—held  two(2)-day Idlana Tingkun clan reunion affair was a big success with more or less 300 participants coming from the different parts of the country( scores of them arrived from abroad) attended its historic event last April 13 and April 14.

HIGHLIGHTING the two(2)-day event were

some surprise numbers to spice up the  whole affair. Some of the featured games were those contesting for the pangalay & song tilts, and others.

The Paseo del Sur affair was singly sponsored by Jeanracker Mangubat Lim who is a Manila-based businessman. There were parlor games, as well.

THE clan group elected the following as its maiden officers: Jefferson M. Lajarani—President; Robertson U. Idlanas—Vice President; Matilda M. Nandu—Secretary; Elizabeth I. Mangubat—Treasurer; Ben Amed T. Adduk—Auditor and Robedier T. Lim—PIO.

THERE were many among the clan members who were suggesting that their next reunion affair should be announced months earlier prior its holding to determine the exact date and venue, so as to avail the promo airfares offered by the country’s commercial passenger airline companies.

MAY I ask the visitors, “How do you find ZC as a tourist destination?”Hehehe..



HOW true that Dist.2 Cong. Mannix Dalipe, supposedly a PDP/Laban through and through ever since, wasn’t invited at all in last Wednesday’s PDP/Laban mass oath-taking here in ZC?

“Yan snub cunele bosing c Cong. Celso. Hinde’ ba partners ya sila na Congress?” c Bogs yan buyung poreso ta pregunta.

“Sera dao puerta cunele c Celso, na nuay mas lang le atende,” c Ador ya sabe.

“Cosa ba se dos idols dimiyo hinde’ man tan uyung,” talla el bangak, ebos gayot Nado bobo gat bos sabe de-esos mga body language. Taman drama lang sos cun Mayor Beng. “Ansina ha?” Na bien buyung ya gayot c Nado. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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