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Busted Drug Users: 15 Plus 5…


They could be thinking that the operatives were at rest on the weekend; but these following drug users were wrong become on last Saturday evening—April 29, fifteen of them, from Kawit and Recodo, were arrested then by the police, and another 5 of them, from Talon-Talon which were also endeavored by the PDEA. So all are now behind bars, while their charges are readied by authorities, soon as the fiscal’s office will be open, because today is still a holiday.

With regards to the 15 drug users—from the West Coast, a barangay kagawad, accordingly, recorded a video where some youths used illegal drugs. Such prompted then thepolice to engage the said operation. The latter shared a copy to Barangay eMedia. The footage is pretty disturbing, it showed a group of youths sharing drugs in broad daylight and amongst passing crowds.

The actors seemed not to bother if they were breaking the law in the open. Thus, it totally agitated the police who endeavored the speedy operation. The 15 folks included two women; one of them is even pregnant. Heavens! How in the world, such pregnant WOMAN was found to be in the wrong crowd and caught in flagrante delicto using illegal drugs!

Obviously, the said women, too, will face the necessary consequences. Although the charges, which will be filed against them, are not sale of dangerous drugs, but only possession. Then, when regards to penalties, theirs may just be lighter. But by all means theiracts are still a complete headache, not just by them but they also include, of their families.

The unexpected shame and, of course, the unwanted bail for their temporary liberty are what may comprise to the immediate worries of their families. Else, the arrested ones may suffer then all the inconveniences inside our congested City Jail. Definitely, the 20 drugs users must be totally regretful now. They might even be thinking this time that if they could only turn the clock around, they could have stayed home and didn’t anymore join with the group.

Here’s another bombshell, there was a minor amongst the 15 guys, from the West Coast. So, he was turned over then to the DSWD. Simply because he cannot be processed with the rest of the grown-up inside the prison. Such is how worse the infection of illegal drugs, which have already corrupted the youths of our generation. Drug users have already affected younger fellows, who are actual minors. Thus, if we won’t deal the problem head-on, what kind of a City, or country, we may have in the future!

Going back to that video footage, seen as well were two kinds of illegal drugs which were used by the erring youths—shabu and marijuana. Does the video imply that the supply of illegal drugs have again abounded in the City? Just think of it, those youths were quite or fully loaded, indeed. After the marijuana cigarette, they picked shabu then!

The looks of the youths are very ordinary—they were only wearing simple shorts and shirts, but surprisingly they have all those illegal drugs in their hands. Now, the real problem: those youths are just few of the many, all over in the City! It seems that marijuana and shabu drugs have become again like ordinary candies available everywhere.

Upon seeing the footage, surely we also felt the immediatepity to the involved youths. But they have to learn that every wrong we commit does have its corresponding consequences. Their apprehension should give them the necessary and hard lessons to reform inside the cold prison. And for those who are still free, they ought to feel the actual fear now, because it could be them to be arrested next. Who knows?

We also commend the courageous act of that barangay official who took the almost 5-minute video footage. Without it, the police cannot identify then the offenders. Indeed, technology is a great asset to curb any criminality, which are perpetrated amongst our inner barangays. If one may just be willing to help the authorities, apprehensions like these ones during the weekend, can easily become a serious deterrence for the rest of those drug users and sellers, who are still free roaming in the street.

“All day long they injure my cause; all their thoughts are against me for evil. They stir up strife, they lurk; they watch my steps, as they have waited for my life. For their crime will they escape? In wrath cast down the peoples, O God! You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?” (Ps. 56:5-8, ESV)

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