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They draw fat pays, yet they do little?


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TODAY, May 1, is the country’s 115th day anniversary, and what have we gained so far?

Nothing! There’s still the high rate of its unemployment problem despite the government’s repeated pronouncement it’s gaining grounds to address such woes.

Last Thursday morning, April 27, the government’s all agencies that are supposed to help address the country’s labor problems, of course, the DOLE, as always, at the forefront, held a press-con that was staged at the Grand Astoria Hotel on Sucabon Rd. Sitting alongside with them on the presidential table, were some of our well known local labor leaders here like Joe Suan and one time Zamcelco GM Engr. George Ledesma. As usual, they announced that there’d be job fairs during its momentous annual event, and that’s what we’re now celebrating our old aged Labor Day annual affair that marks its 115th anniversary. And, of course, as expected, these government people holding all their posts as having to do something better by now under the Duterte administration, gave their respective recitals that the labor woes at present aren’t as serious, compared in the past. This is the usual rhetoric that we’ve been hearing from them since I first covered their similar press briefings in the past.

DURING the press-con that morning, these VIPs sitting up there on the presidential table threw the blame on our job seekers, for their supposed laziness to help themselves. The job fairs, they claim, are now in place ready to welcome the many jobless of our population, but that they find it pretty strange why just a few seem eager to take advantage of these job fairs prepared for all of them.

You know why only a small numbers are expected to show up?  Or probably, a substantial number still will show up, but in the end, just a few will be taken in?

Listen to some of their common cries: “There are many unnecessary prerequisites later on asked of them to comply; possible red tapes that hound them, and the thought of having to spend money for all these requirements. In short, they’re made to tire themselves until only a few remain to contest for same job placements. And, for those who have already spent a lot but find themselves later on disqualified for those jobs they’ve applied, what a letdown on their part!

See the agony we add to their miseries? Without government’s sincere and honest support to our poor labor sector, its malaise can’t be addressed at all.



YOU know how much our city department heads and their likes receive their salaries every month? Holy cow! Listen to this:

“Jun, our city department heads receive each their pay amounting to P85,000 a month, while their assistant department heads receive the same, as well,” one top city official disclosed to this corner the other day.

WHAT about our city division heads?

“The city division heads receive their pay no lesser than P40,000 a month. That’s how big their salaries are,” the same source added.

AND to think that many are said having their penchant of doing nothing but simply logging their many hours in their computers issued merely to their possession, this’sjust a big insult to us, all, taxpayers! Absolutely, condemnable!


CITY Hall should come up with a systematized mechanism, simple though, but make sure it’s effective, for all those claimants of their confiscated drivers’ licenses, for it behooves to say that to stop all these unnecessary stirs that have caused a certain degree of distraction, and even a disturbance of sort, doesn’t speak well its leadership manning such a particular task.

Why not come up with a better mode or system to help plug its loophole? Do something about it, guys — lest Ma’am Apple Go draws flaks, one again. Tranquilo ya gane’ c Ma’am Apple cay talli c Jawo’ ta ayuda cunele, and such a simple concern, you can’t fix?  C’mon! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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