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OUR city councilors have been out of town for several days for they’re, or probably they just arrived from a week-long trip to Zambales where the annual PRISAA has just culminated over the weekend. It’s a good thing that our famous and world-class weightlifters took almost all the medals in this yearly national sports fest (among all our private schools), or did they accomplish a sweep of all those medals for all the competing weightlifting events?

Or else, people here would have scalped them alive for coming home empty-handed. Still nursing the poor showing of our local athletes in the last regional athletic competition (was it held in Pagadian City?) where we relinquished our perennial first placer to Zamboanga del Sur athletes, our local officials should have done something better for our own city athletes. But they seem not caring at all. Perhaps, with the exception of Councilor Bong Atilano from the first district(who’s the council’s committee chair on sports & development), the rest should’ve stayed home, instead, to help make savings for more relevant undertakings in the city.

Pero manada di-ila lingas, and therefore, the trips of those who were there (or could have gone somewhere else, except Zambales?) turned out a mere junket, as always.

That’s what we normally hear from their own critics coming from their same group. De loko lang siempre. Ke clase de mga oficiales tiene kta siempre

ki! Buwsit!



THIS is just appalling. To find out that our City Coliseum charges supposed exorbitant rates to all, including our young aspiring athletes so much in love with basketball that they cherish to hone up their skills to the optimum— wanting to use its venue, is simply heartbreaking to note.

ISN’T this City Coliseum, being a city-owned structure, was built and funded by us, as taxpayers here? If City Coliseum management insists to impose such charges said to amount as high as P600 to P800 per hour, isn’t it an offense per-se committed against us, taxpayers, for it clearly boils down to double taxation?

Ya paga ya kta cunese City Coliseum whose construction was made possible by taxpayers’ money, and still they mete us those known rates of P600 to P800/hour? This is ridiculous! Only in the Phl! Or is it only in ZC?

Poreso, hinde’ ta progresa diatom mga buen atleta ki, for the simple reason the city isn’t really that supportive of them, especially toour many young promising athletes whose passion to play basketball to the best of their ability, is just astounding, but will cool down sans our proper support for them. And this includes giving free access to them all the city’s sports facilities.After all, they’re all built by means of taxes exacted from Juan dela Cruzes, from us! So, why pay double for their use, huh? This’s just outrageous!  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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