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Beware of fiestas!


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THIS month( of May) means a lot of emergency cases to many due to sudden strokes or heart attacks triggered by too much eating during this fiesta season to kick off this fifth month of the year.

“Tiene lli bosing sabe gayot mga lugar ke ta celebra ila fiesta. Markao gayot se na ila calendario. Estos ta llama kita mga lagung,” c Bogs ta gangia cunestos mga tragon ta anda na fiesta. Ebos gayot!

LAST Monday, the 1st day of May, all roads led to Brgy. Sangali where its populace marked its fiesta day for its named village in the east-coast.

And who were the top local officials who accepted the people’s invitation for them to grace its fiesta highlights?

“I saw our city councilors Bong Atilano (Dist.1), Rommel Agan and Jimmy Villaflores both from Dist. 2 in the fiesta of Sangali. I also saw with its folks out there celebrating its fiesta this year, the maverick former city councilor Elong Natividad of Dist. 2. He’s one public servant-leader who loves to mingle with our people who’re mostly from the grassroots,” one frequent fiesta goer revealed this corner.

That’s one effective pre-poll strategy to win an election from the electorate prior to the election period that comes every three year-intervals.

I know of one candidate here in our “Asia’s Latin City”, or much better touted as “City of Flowers,” its original branding way, way back during the peace time era, who is winning big every election day sans much campaigning, at all.

And who is he? Your guess is as good as mine.



TWO of the city’s most illustrious public servants will finally retire this month of June after serving our locality for more than three decades long, or over 30 year-period.

THEY’RE City Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo and City Agriculturist Diosdado “Boy”Palacat.

Both are from this city, which means they’re truly Zamboagueños, though, could be natives of other regions in the country.

SO, to both, may you anticipate a joyful retirement in your twilight years in life.

DESPALO is a Blue eagle graduate while Palacat a Wildcats’ alumnus. Both alma maters are two of the city’s best institutions of learning. These two archrivals in the city’s schools of learning have been producing so much to our community in terms of talents and skills in human resources.


NEEDLESS to say, there have been great citizens here who got their formal education from either of these two prestigious names in the local academe. They either became our past or our now top political leaders in mi ciudad de Zbga.

BUT, the nagging question goes wild again, “What have they done so far to alleviate the plight of our poor Zamboangueños?”

Just look around our city, has it progressed supposedly by leaps and bounds as what we’ve been witnessing  in other key cities of Mindanao like Davao, Cagayan de Oro and even General Santos City?

I don’ want to express it explicitly in words, cay dol todo ya sabe se, except for those who simply refuse to accept its reality.



Two same hottest teams in the NBA today are expected to reach the NBA Finals for 2017.

They’re defending champ Cleveland Cavaliers and top contender Golden State Warriors. Both teams have swept their respective 1st round playoff games. The Cavaliers trounced Indiana Pacers(4-0) while the Warriors walloped Portland Blazers(4-0).

NOW, they have to hurdle their next opponents in line, and try to reach unscathed to the Finals : Cleveland to take on Toronto Raptors while Golden State out to get past the Utah Jazz. The others very much in the thick of the race in their 2nd playoff games, are Boston Celtics vs. the Washington Wizards in the Eastern Division, and the Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spursin the Western Division. Do we see any upsets here in the 2nd round of their playoff games to prevent a rematch between the Cavaliers and the Warriors in this year’s NBA Finals?  Well, there’s always that possibility when speaking of upsets in any major games, like basketball and even in boxing, or in any championship matches for that matter.

BUT here, in this year’s NBA Finals, I’ll still place my bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers to repeat as Champs, once more. I can’t help but root for Lebron” King” James, NBA’s no. 1 superstar. I just love the way he plays basketball in the NBA— the most prestigious cage tournament in the entire world. You just can’t blame me if I rate Lebron even better than Michael Jordan. You just can’t take that away from me. Win or lose, I remain a Lebron James’ fan all through out. I don’t know but that’s what I am. I see in Lebron the complete player in the sport of basketball. He can play center, forward, guard or any post when needed to make his team win in their crucial games.

Again, it’ll be the Cavaliers to take the bacon back home to Cleveland, this year. And, the bridesmaid? To me, it’ll be either the Warriors, Spurs or the Rockets.

What’s yours, huh? (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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