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(Amid IMC failure) What’s next for Zamcelco?


(Enlightenment —Passage of the Day)


“JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” (Matthew 7: 1-2). Email:



SHE’s paralyzed for 29 years since she and her late husband were ambushed in l988. Widowed Titang Uro happily observed her 59th birthday last Friday(June 9) with a host of well-wishers dropping by her house in Brgy. Guiwan to greet her, “Happy Birthday!”

AMONG her especial visitors were Fr. Mars Villagracia, the parish priest of Brgy. Guiwan, Dist. 2 Councilor Elong Natividad, Maricor Cipriano, Ben Quijano and me, of-course.


TITANG, as she prefers to be simply addressed, sadly reminisced that fateful night when an unidentified armed group strafed their house in the outskirts of Brgy. Curuan— killing her husband and wounding her in the body that maimed her for life.

“I keep on praying to our Lord to just make me happily contented the rest of my life, as I wait my day to be with him in heaven.There’s not a day without listening to my favorite radio station, and that’s DXVP,” Titang bared.

TO you Titang Uro and to all your children( 4 girls and one boy?), all adults now, some are even married already— may the good Lord bless and keep you, always. Again, Happy Birthday!



WITH the “Letter of Regret” sent recently to Zamcelco by its two known bidders Meralco and Aboitiz, supposedly backing out from its proposed Investment Management Contract(IMC), it makes us wonder now what’ll  happen next to our embattled power coop after everything goes puffs!with IMC froze for good.

WILL Zamcelco goes back to its original position—sale of its premium lot property in Brgy. Putik worth in billions?

There you are. If, indeed, that’s the only recourse to help bail it out from its being financially in the red for so long a time, then we’re back to square one, once again.

It results to nothing but a big delay in their own ludicrous game overwhelmed by too much politics allowed to unduly mar Zamcelco’s supposed good plans and programs under its transition management following NEA’s termination of its own designate (GM) George Ledesma under whose stewardship Zamcelco bought the controversial 16 modular gen-sets which, up now, have been saddled with prickly issues, whether you believe it or not. No need to elaborate in furtherance.

Look, are they being well benefited by us, member-consumers?

NOT WITH STANDING, their supposed needed purchase to help cushion off the power woes hounding the city ever since, its same predicament gets even worse by the day. That we just can’t ignore, Kay langaguasero, taman blackout ya;tupalangramanalinia, brownout o blackout ya; man truenolang, blackout ya; then when its aging transformer is said overloaded, it suddenly explodes, oh my God! Keclase de servicio!

BUT, I don’t totally blame its management. El mgasabiondolli!

And, who are they? “Na, quien pa man, esosmagalideresatonke ta entrametenaZamcelco, cay bright daosila. Siladawmga messiah diaton,” c Bogs yamanscrimasyatamen.

“Na, aura, biencaliao man sila, cay yamanpalpak se IMC.Di-ila man se idea,” umenta c Ador.

“No metena mi idol,”otro c Nado, nusabeganebopuntaypono de-ese. Sabelangbos de idol, idol. Ese pa! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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