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TRIKES to be phased out?


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)





DON’T beswayed easily by pranksters. They are the ones that sow panic and confusion in our community.

IT happened again the past week when our local populace here was put into jitters anew.

But, its repercussion could be very, very bad. Still, let’s recall one important lesson learned in many past occurrences based on “Boy Crying Wolf”, so to speak. Those familiar know what it really means when the real McCoy happens, and then when the response doesn’t come because of the wrong impression from pranksters again, the result could be very disastrous!

SO, let’s be more circumspect on this particular situation.



AFTER this Maute group, what’s next to follow suit?

Ask the AFP. They know better.

IN the late 1980s, the media appeared simply taken aback when out of the blue, the AFP announced during its press-briefing, that they had a sudden clash with a group named Abu Sayyafs and its leader was identified as Abdurajak Janjalani. The leader was posted by them in one of his captured photos, and looked like frail and just in his twenties. He happened— based on the findings, as hailed from Isabela, Basilan Province. So, therefore, they concluded that the birth of the bandit group with its reported links to the international Al Quada terrorist group, is the autonomous island province of Basilan that’s just a few nautical miles across the sea channel of ZC.

ALTHOUGH, the ASG still exists even up to now, another armed group came to the fore, and the military identified it as BIFF or Bangamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. Of-course, we exclude both the MNLF and the MILF here, in their category, as these two are more recognized as having their own  separate leverage that they can bargain with our national gov’t on a huge scale, to dialogue with their respective rebel groups. On this score, they just don’t have their clout, although they’re trying to gain media mileage by wreaking havoc here in Mindanao, like what’s going right now in the Marawi siege.

LET’s see what’ll happen in the near future, if what I’m saying( knock on wood!)is true or not.

“Jun, what you’re saying could be true, as it boils down to alleged graft and corruption in our AFP and PNP. They created all these monsters in our country, just for them to justify their continuous stay here in Mindanao. It’s always tantamount to that,” its top local critic here decried.

Ese pa..



TRIKES to be phased out soon, here?

“This is being studied now by our city gov’t. officials,” disclosed a top police source the other day.

Motorized tricycles for-hire will soon be running only on brgy. roads, and will no longer be allowed to traverse our downtown sections, it revealed.

“City Hall is highly considering this,” the source added.

NOW, what about the prospect of having the operation of taxis here?

“That’s good. It means this city of ours is now truly highly urbanized in reality. It’s not nice to see tricycles running within our city proper. It reflects badly our image as a highly- urbanized city when trikes are allowed to pass through our major thoroughfares. Not anymore, please,” he urged.


WHAT makes everything worse here on traffic, is the conspicuous presence of the multitudes if habal-habals doing their illegal pick-up-rides under the very noses of our traffic enforcers— on the pretext they’re mere single motorbikes like any of those we normally see as they’re. There’s not much of a difference, right?

BUT, for the sake of human compassion, these habal-habals are in reality, tolerated to move on since they came into existence. Such birth just sprouted to help the poor eke out a living amid their hardships in life.

SO, there you are, our authorities chose the better part— better allow them do their thing in this manner than let them force to commit crimes to survive in this cruel world.


AS I finished this writing of mine right now, to appear still Monday ( JULY 3), the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn title fight is considered already part of boxing history. But, here’s my prediction(hope it’ll come true), our “Pacman” will win via a stoppage. As to what round? I can’t predict.

I saw how Horn fights in the internet, and he’s just too slow to match Pacquiao’s speed and power.

BUT, anything can happen in boxing. There’s what they say a “lucky punch” that can knock off the lights of any champ, including even Pacquiao.  Remember, the fight of then undefeated Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas held in Japan on Feb. 11, 1990? Tyson was the huge favorite there when Douglas scored one of the biggest upsets in the heavyweight boxing history. Also, when our very own Rocky Kalingo knocked out Junior Welterweight world champ Battling Torres right in the first round with a one-punch right to the jaw?

THEN, there was that lucky punch that Ingemar Johansson landed to the jaw of defending heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson when they clashed in June 26, 1959 held in in Yankee Stadium, New York, USA. The Swedish boxer stopped Patterson in the 3rd round to capture the crown. However, Patterson regained the crown via KO in the 5th round when they both fought again in a return bout on June 20,1960held in Miami Beach, Florida USA. The 3RD Patterson vs. Johansson title fight ended also by KO in the 6th round with Patterson winning that trilogy of theirs. Johansson died January 30, 2009 at age of 70 in his hometown Sweden.

AND, of-course, that lucky punch that dealt the KO loss of Pacquiao himself when his ring nemesis Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez caught him with the latter’s vaunted straight  right to his jaw while about to deliver his own power left as the bell rang to end the 5th round. Thus, a lucky punch in boxing can happen in the ring. But, it takes a miracle for that to happen in the Pacquiao vs. Horn WBO Welterweight Title match. SO, let’s pray this lucky punch won’t happen at all in Brisbane, Australia on Sunday. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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