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Thanks to those who responded to my call yesterday for feedbacks on the new mode of toiled writing - brief but crisp and crunchy accommodating more bits and pieces in one piece. They all welcome the move. Thanks again. So, same fashion continues onward.

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The Zamboanga Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO) has identified some 15,000 defective electric meters contributing to its systems loss problem.

Based on records, Zamcelco has registered a current systems loss of 21.30%.

Zamcelco OIC General Manager Engr. Eduardo, or is it Edgardo, Ancheta attributed the problem to some unscrupulous individuals who try to tinker with the equipment to lower their power consumption fees.

So that’s it after all, SS thought good friend GM Ed, was referring to factory-produced electric meters. For if so, the problem could go either way - display low readings to the detriment of the power consumption or higher ones to the drawback of consumers.

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The mysterious incident that transpired in a Catholic in Zamboanga del Norte less than a week ago has recurred, wherein some 20 students feinted during mass.

The Police Regional Office-9 under P/Chief Sup Billy Beltran reported  that the incident happened at the Collegio de San Francisco in Rizal Town last Monday.

This time, around 12 more students coming from different sections of the High School Department complained of dizziness and fell unconscious while a mass was again being held in a church inside the campus, prompting school officials to declare a suspension of classes in all levels to conduct a thorough investigation on the matter.

Initial investigation showed that students suffered breathing difficulty due to hyper ventilation.

Except for that reported theory of supposed hyper ventilation no strange occurrences were said observed.

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Around 500 Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Commanders, combatants and their family members gathered in Languyan municipality in Tawi Tawi province to give support to the crafting of a new Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The affair was attended by Moro Islamic Liberation Front Peace Panel Representative Mohagher Iqbal.

The participants, collectively called Gagandilan, are senior MNLF members who were responsible for the separation of Languyan municipality from the two other municipalities of Tandubas and South Ubian in Tawi Tawi province.

In an interview, Iqbal said that the gathering shows the support for peace of the Bangsamoro people, seen as the end game of the peace process.

He also expressed optimism that the senior MNLF members can influence the youth in their objective to attain peace.

And he expressed optimism for a strong endorsement that the Bangsamoro law will be passed, Murad said in an interview.

Subject to constitutional sanctions, of course, it will pass; but if it is again so shot-full of unconstitutional provisions, they can blame no one for its collapse.

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In the face of present talks of possible extension of martial law in Mindanao, Cong. Celso Lobregat expressed the view that the President has to call for a joint session of Congress, which is mandated under the constitution.

In an interview with RMN Zamboanga, however, Lobregat said “As of now we have the numbers in congress, it will be easy for the majority to support any request of Pres. Duterte to extend martial law in Mindanao either for 60, 90 days or even a year, depending on his justification,”

The situation would depend on the wisdom of the president if he wishes to ask for months or years for the extension he wishes until the local terrorists movement is neutralized and their activities and cohorts are suppressed he added.

“Again there can be a debate if there will be a new declaration, like imposing it or spread it in the entire country, that’s another story,” Lobregat said.

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Another misfortune hit government operatives in Marawi - an air strike missed its target on Wednesday, killing instead soldiers and wounding 11 others. The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) was fast in announcing that an investigation is now being conducted to determine the circumstances surrounding the adversity.

Initial report from Marawi indicated that the bomb was 250 meters off target, and the impact of the explosion caused the collapse of nearby structures, with large debris that crushed, accidentally hitting friendly forces.

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With newfound friendship with American pres. Donald Trump, Pres. Duterte is on the right track now. While cuddling up with US, even receiving assistance in the Marawi offensive, he continues forging stronger relations with China and Russia not just on the economy, but also on the military aspect.

According to the President, since he can’t just overlook the existing mutual defense treaty between the Philippines and the United States, he opted to seek the two giants’ help in terms of economy and countering terrorism.

However, Duterte clarified that he has not suggested forming any military alliance with China and Russia since that would be a violation of the treaty between the US and the Philippines.

But that he told China they can do joint military maneuvers.

Duterte stressed, “I started to go to China and Russia - not really to separate (us from the US)…”

“Expect Russia to help us in due time. China has sent it. There’ll be another shipment of arms on September,” Duterte said.

Duterte was referring to the P370 million worth of arms and ammunition China donated last June 28 as support for the country’s counterterrorism efforts in Marawi City.

Bravo, Duterte! Attaman.

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Taking the cue from the president, the military will do its best to finish the Marawi siege in 15 days, a spokesperson of the Armed Forces of the Philippines said on Wednesday.

The spokesperson, however, reiterated that the President, as the commander in chief, “is aware of the complexities of the ongoing operations because he is being briefed regularly; (and) that we are continuously gaining ground in the main battle area.”

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Pres. Duterte has again made heads turn from even among his allies, as he called for the reinstatement of a suspended police official despite his facing a criminal complaint for the killing of a Leyte mayor.

The President said Supt. Marvin Marcos, former chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Region 8, should be allowed to return to his job since he is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Duterte admitted that some blocked his proposed reinstatement of Marcos since he was facing homicide charges but he asserted the innocence of Marcos.

Duterte maintained that the presumption of innocence should be equally applied to all. “What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

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The Turkish ambassador to Manila said Wednesday a terrorist group that instigated last year’s failed coup in Turkey has branched out to the Philippines.

Worse is, Ambassador Esra Cankour said the Fetullah Gulen Movement is active in a school in Zamboanga, opened in 1997, and two other schools in Manila.

“This is their façade, thinking them as civic education institutions and innocent charity organizations. That will be a huge mischaracterization, that is wrong. They are the façade. They talk about inter-faith dialogue, but they are concealing themselves,” she said.

See? That Zamboanga school just must have been indoctrinated. Authorities should identify this school and look into the matter. This is cause for serious concern. And it would be easy to identify that school as its opening date was mentioned to have been in 1997.

And that issue could very well justify the stand of PNP chief Dir. Gen.  Ronald dela Rosa who espoused martial law should be extended for another 60 days or the maximum period allowed by law, as the problems caused by Islamic State-inspired terrorists have not yet been fully addressed.

“It doesn’t mean that if the Marawi problem gets resolved, the problem on the ISIS militants and the other armed elements will be finished. We still need to fully address these threats,” he said.

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The House of Representatives is bracing for threats from terrorists, drug personalities and small-time criminals that may disrupt President Rodrigo Duterte’s second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

House Sgt. at Arms Roland Detabali and House Secretary General Cesar Pareja said the chamber intensified its security preparations for the major event on July 24 as the military has yet to clear Marawi City of Maute terrorists.

“Definitely, the security measures in place are heightened, not only because of the martial law in Mindanao implemented to defeat ISIS-linked terrorists (of Maute) group, but also because the President also accomplished a lot, especially on the war on drugs. There’s a threat…”  Detabali told reporters. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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