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Our city is more safe now


(Enlightenment—Passage of the  Day)




ZC is on the threshold of seeing things peaceful and orderly once again if its momentum of peace with lesser and lesser crimes recorded, continues.

LIKE what ZCPO OIC Supt. Diomarie Albarico initially reported upon taking over his current post after his predecessor then police director S/Supt. Luisito Magnaye was re-assigned to central headquarters of thePNP based in Camp Crame, Quezon City last May, and I quote him saying, “Since the martial law in Mindanao was declared by our President (Rodrigo Duterte), the crime volumes in our city have dropped, considerably.”

THAT was about 2 months back, and now it appears crimes in the city continue to decline steadily.

AS I move around the city in both day and night time for I live just by its corridors, I feel the people in mi ciudad look like acting more safe and secure, relatively speaking.   Days not long ago prior to PRRD’s ascendancy to the presidency when elected overwhelmingly in the last May 2016 presidential/local elections, our local residents here were virtually in their frantic and restive mood. As if always, watching their back or else something might just happen to them from out of nowhere. Almost all here seemed  not trusting what suddenly crossed their path, or whatever of strange happenings just popped up that jolted them off their seats nay warning at all.

NOW, majority of our populace go about their daily routines in lives, doing all their various activities, though diverse and adverse they are, but nay the least of worry or serious concern of being bothered by the clear presence of major crime syndicates out to cause harm, right on the spot.

IN a nutshell, our people like what Pres. Duterte and his men are doing. And, that’s bent to get rid of all these truants in our society—especially those involved in illegal drugs.

IT’S therefore no surprise that DU30 still enjoys the people’s high trust and confidence in the entire nation. All the supposed shenanigans hurled against by his garrulous political foes are mere pipsqueaks  that don’t draw any attention at all from our  masses who only keep on prodding him to carry on his truly impossible mission, and that’s to make this nation great again, when once almost on same footing as Japan in the 1950s an early 1960s.

LOOK at our public market if you happen to make your marketing for the day. We can see now its glimpse of being cleared of its sorry eyesores that we dismally saw before. That means we enjoy going to market nowadays as compared in the past. Right its surroundings, to include the former messy activities that seemed impossible to address, and that’s the erstwhile ZCPO Station transformed now into the new police station 11. Its very periphery right now is more pleasing to our eyesight as it’s now well-arranged and more well supervised by our local authorities led by our own police enforcers, of-course backed up ably by our Compac and the blue boys of City Hall under the leadership of our lady City Administrator Apple Go.

SO, this we can say, continue on with your laudable campaign for a real-honest clean-up  of the city’s mess-ups we hope to be a thing of the past in mi ciudad la bella. To guys, I salute!

BUT, there’re a lot more to be done, guys. So, don’t rest on those laurels, as of yet. Still, as I said, a lot more to be done. Not that easy, guys. But, don’t ever feel that you’re alone in this campaign. We’re all behind you. For the good of our own city, we just can’t let it go to the gutter. Let’s all help in our own modest way to protect it, and make it more secure and safe as we move on with our daily normal lives we wish it to be, as always. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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