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This time, to start SS today we present five intrusive points.

First, SS almost missed seeing print today. just as SS was to be ground, the lights went out. Good thing a nearby internet shop is operating on a different feeder link. So, here goes.

Second, predictably, SS will be missing for a few days due to anticipated flight schedules and activities.

Third, this was written here ydesteray – “… SS, depending on schedule, may again go missing sometime. SS is taking wife Lily and daughter Aimie for a vacation that may take about a week starting tomorrow. And on the three days thereafter, schedule may surely be hectic.

Taking into the consideration all angles, this could very well be my gift to wife and kid coming from savings earned after some 25 years in government service – 2 years as a policeman in Basilan, then a city, 4 as barangay captain of Baliwasan and 19 in the city council. After all those years, this travel will be the first for Aimie and the second for wife, who along with our 3 elder kids … had gone to the States in the past. Aimie was on the list for she was yet unborn then.

Fourth, in haste, SS missed one point. We failed saying to where the travel is – Honkong with a side trip to Macau. Of our 7-day travel, three will be in the touring places, 28th to 31st of July. The rest in Manila.

This time, too, SS refrains from predicting length ofr brevity of this piece. Only time will tell.

X x x x X

The Paseo del Mar is not closing down but is slated to be rehabilitated to improve its performance as a local economic enterprise.

City Administrator Apple Go on Monday firmly refuted the reported yarn of closure, announcing the programmed appropriation and obligation for capital outlay, and maintenance and operations for Paseo del Mar this year is Php 7.47 M.

That it is not closing down is non-debatable. But for it to be improved, is one thing that bears watching. Who knows that that Php 7.47 M is bound to gather dust in the city’s coffers, for people have been complaining of unmaintained facilities in the once-booming park, over the past five years the time Beng Climaco took over the administration of the city from then turned congressman Celso Lobregat.

The facility is noticed to have been disregarded over those years, even if it is one of Lobregat’s pet projects, eliciting magnitudes of visitors in the much-patronized grounds, whose family is largely regarded as kingmaker, virtually responsible in installing her mayor. .

X x x x X

The word war between Pres. Duterte and Communist founder worsens up prompting the latter’s leaders to call on their cadres to resist the alleged “anti-people and fascist” rule of Dutedrte’s

They also called on its armed wing, the New People’s Army  to “carry out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare” and step up its recruitment of more fighters to counter state forces.

Duterte, on the other hand had earlier said that his decision to end peace talks with the communist rebels was final, as he ordered the military to be “unforgiving” to the communists following their attacks against government forces.

In his speech on Tuesday night, Duterte said that he would wage war with the CPP, which has been represented in the talks by its political arm, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

“You do not want to talk, you want war. I will give it to you. I will prepare my armed forces,” Duterte said.

The President also slammed Sison, his former professor, for allegedly lying about his health and advised him to “kill himself,” saying that it would be a favor to the Norwegian government.

“Sison, you’re growing old there, and you still won’t admit you’re sick,” Duterte said in Filipino, addressing the communist leader who has lived in self-exile in the Netherlands since 1987.

And Duterte also expressed regret inviting consultants of the National Democratic Front to a dinner in Malacañang, apparently telling his staff in jest that they should have poisoned them.

“Why were they not poisoned?” he jokingly asked, to the laughter of the crowd.

But on Wednesday, Sison shot back, advising  Duterte to look after his mental health and consult a psychiatrist.

X x x x X

Pres. Duterte is now also embroiled in another exchange of unpleasantness with Commission on Human Rights chairman Jose Luis Martin Gascon, who slammed Duterte for his “utter disregard” of civil liberties, after he called for the abolition of the state human rights agency, a move backed by two of his senior security officials.

“The President’s statements made both at his second Sona [State of the Nation Address] and after should remove any doubt regarding the attitude his administration will take towards respecting the human rights guarantees enshrined in the Constitution,” Gascon said in a statement Tuesday.

“The actions during the first year of his presidency coupled with his words said over the same period exhibit an utter disregard for due process, equal protection, and other civil liberties. This has encouraged the deepening of impunity,” he added.

Gascon said that any move to abolish the CHR should be first pushed in Congress, which created the body under the 1987 Constitution.

“Any discussion to abolish CHR or any other institution for that matter can be taken in the proposed constitutional-reform process,” he said. “In other words, we shall cross the bridge when we get there. I remain hopeful human rights would still be affirmed.”

Until then, he said the CHR will continue performing its mandate of “fact-finding and documenting human rights violations as well as informing the public about the importance of human rights in society, he added.

X x x x X

Pencils up readying for “30”. Just how brief our piece is today, is left all up to you, for SS this tkime is on a Micrfosoft WSord program, where pagin is on a short-sizedd bond paper. Had it been on the usual Microsoft Publisher,length can readily been detected.

God bless one all.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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