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Another possible one or two misses for SS here looms. The ZC Western Eagles Club goes on a brief sojourn to join up in Ipil with the 23 Eagles Clubs under WMR-3 Eagles Region which had individually contributed relief goods/items for the Ipil fire victims.

While this corner is President of the Western Eagles, the Region is now under Eagle Gov. Constantino “Boboy” Soriano.

Having missed joining two vey recent relief good distribution - First, for the Marawi victim families; and second, for the Malamawi fire victims - can’t miss out in a row on this third activity.

Thus, with fast-paced schedules seen ahead, there may be no free time for SS to sit before a computer.

After the two possible misses, for sure SS resumption will be on the third day after.

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The artificial grass and rubber tracks for the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Grandstand are expected to arrive from Germany next month, which over-delay are said to have contributed greatly to the delay in the grandstand construction.

That is what we get when some would still wish to save up on expenses or amass some more in profit by first seeking tax exemption for the materials importation, to which Cong. Celso Lobregat has put his foot down.

Whether the contractor or some other intervenors succeeded in getting the exemption was not mentioned.

It was Engr. Shadimar Jalaidi, DPWH-9 Project Engineer, who confirmed the expected arrival of the materials in Manila.

The artificial grass will be used for the grandstand’s soccer field while the rubber tracks will be used for the track and field oval.

The artificial grass covers 12% of the project while the rubber covers 29% of the sports complex.

A period of 45 days is still needed to be able to install the materials, said Jalaidi.

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The City Council voted against a resolution proposing the return of Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative’s P16-million generator sets  purportedly to be used during blackouts.

Nine councilors voted against the Coun. Josephine Pareja motion. Three councilors abstained while only four supported Pareja in her proposed resolution.

Councilors who voted against the resolution llater decided to seek legal guidance first from the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on the return of the generator set.

The succeeding move seems more rational, meritorious as it stands for there could be legal restrictions, as notably nobody spoke on the mode and terms of the purchase.

SS was informed today, son Boday - Servivio everyday - voted with Charlie Mariano succeeding motion.

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That columnist Mauricio Batas, lawyer as he is, is correct in saying  - “There is an interesting legal issue that may yet nullify the expose or disclosures made by Patricia Tish Bautista against her estranged husband, Chairman Andres Bautista of the Commission on Elections. It is the prohibition against spouses against testifying against each other.

Batas then rightly cited Section 22, Rule 130 of the 1989 Amended Revised Rules on Evidence that states, “During their marriage, neither the husband nor the wife may testify for or against the other without the consent of the affected spouse, except in a civil case by one against the other, or in a criminal case for a crime committed by one against the other or the latter’s direct descendants or ascendants.”

That is non-debatable, really.

Earlier, SS had also written on the futility of wife’s declarations on a different practical note, however - a polluted source for a witness, sour-graping as she stands.

But on the evidence at hand, we said that lawyers as Andy is, his wealth could very well be stashed somewhere with no paper trail linking it to him. But if he was careless, any truth to allegations of ill-gotten will have to be justified. And he could be in trouble. Anyway, we give him the benefit of the doubt. Lawyer as Andy is, he must know what he got in to.

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The forcefulness of  US Pres. Donald Trump looms evident. On Thursday Republican billionaire-turned leader of one the most powerful countries in the world, warned North Korea it should be “very, very nervous” of the consequences if it even thinks of attacking US soil, when nuclear-armed Pyongyang said it was readying missile launch plans on the Pacific territory of Guam.

He also dismissed any criticism of his “fire and fury” warning, saying it possibly “wasn’t tough enough,” given threats made by the regime of Kim Jong-Un to both Washington and its allies.

Trump’s comments, made from his golf club retreat in New Jersey, came after the North announced a detailed plan to send four missiles over Japan and towards Guam, where some 6,000 US soldiers are based.

Pyongyang said the scheme to target the island, a key US military outpost in the western Pacific, was intended to “signal a crucial warning” as “only absolute force” would have an effect on a US leader “bereft of reason.”

Trump fired back with gusto.

“If North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about an attack on anybody we love or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous,” he told reporters, with Vice President Mike Pence at his side.

“And they should be… because things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”

Whew.. That’s telling them some!

The war of words has set off diplomatic alarm bells, and raised fears of a miscalculation that could lead to catastrophic consequences on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

The region is facing “a mini Cuban missile crisis,” John Delury, a professor at Seoul’s Yonsei University, told AFP.

Delury may be an authority on this matter, but to say  this is “a mini Cuban missile crisis,” appears o be the understatement of the year. Nuclear attack and counter-attack is a maxi crisis. The entire world may be embroiled with a mad man on one side.

Trump dismissed the notion that his administration was delivering mixed messages but said Washington remained open to negotiations.

And he once again suggested that he expected China to “do a lot more” to bring North Korea into line.

“I will tell you this, North Korea better get their act together or they’re going to be in trouble like few nations have ever been in trouble in this world, okay?” he added.

The United Nations imposed a seventh set of sanctions on Pyongyang at the weekend that could cost North Korea $1 billion a year, with even China voting for the US-drafted proposal.

Also, the European Union announced Thursday that it was expanding its North Korean sanctions blacklist.

Japan for its part, warned in the past, it would shoot down any North Korean missiles that threaten its territory, responded that it could “never tolerate” provocations from the reclusive state.

My oh my..! Such scenario laid down by Seoul’s University of North Korean Studies, Professor Yang Moo-Jin,  - the level of detail in Pyongyang’s statement was unusual. “The North appears to be saying what it is going to do is within international laws,” he told AFP.

“Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the North may translate this plan into reality.”

Eerie… Think so?

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The Earth set a series of dire records in 2016, including hottest year in modern times, highest sea level and most heat-trapping gases ever emitted, a global climate report said Thursday.

A range of key climate and weather indicators show the planet is growing increasingly warm, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, said the annual State of the Climate Report.

Amen to that. Remember, SS was in Hongkong about a week ago. It was not only blistering warm there. It was hot. More so, was it in our Macau side trip. SS felt he was in a cooling down oven.

Truth is, on three of our hectic-paced guided tour, wife Lily chose to stay inside the bus waiting for the group’s return. On the first two stops, she was lucky, the driver - brief as the stops were - left the aircon on. But on the third - a  little longer stay - the driver shut off the bus aircon, as she was earlier warned. She said, fifty “Our Father/s and Hail Mary-s,” each while waiting, was what gave her strength to endure the heat

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Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson virtually questioned  President Rodrigo Duterte’s silence on the 605 (kilograms)- P6.4 billion worth of high grade methamphetamine (Shabu) stuff that slipped out of the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

“Aren’t you mad at the BOC, Mr. President?, was the question Lacson posed.

This came after Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV hit the President for expressing anger towards his critics but not the BOC’s failure to prevent drugs from entering the country.

Imagine. P6.4 billion worth of illegal drugs. That’s a hell lot of money. The stuff would have flooded the nation to no end. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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