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Pressured some more by SS arch critic, SS will come up with this kind of writing mode effective today - short, with brief crispy snipes. Observe, if you will please.

A bold move from a strong-willed public official. In the frontline, Cong. Celso L. Lobregat. From P365-million budget for 2018, the House of Representatives yesterday slashed to a measly P1,000 the allocation for the controversy-marred, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), leaving only  the P14.047 million retirement and life insurance of the said agency.

Such was valiant act of the tough-willed Committee on Appropriations Vice-Chairman, who hails from this City, our very own champion defender - Cong. Celso Lobregat.

With that resounding message delivered, Lobregat said, the budget may only be restored on the bicameral conference committee level if and when the concerned officials have taken the necessary steps to settle all their disputes among themselves, so as not to waste people’s money.

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The City Government of Zamboanga was to spearhead activities today, Saturday, the 9th, in commemoration of the September 2013 Zamboanga siege.

While SS readily agrees with the manner by which the day is to be observed - honoring the dead and the surviving heroes - its date, however, should be held on liberation day from the siege. The invasion was an infamy and is not to be memorialized.

Liberation is the day for jubilation.

X x x x X

One other thing which at first glance raised SS’s eyebrows, frowning.  The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) announced that there will be no more half-day work effective September 16, 2017 and every Saturday thereafter.

What immediately came to mind were working consumers, who cannot drop by any Zamcelco collection outlet during work hours. How can they remit payment, if so.

Negativity, however, set in when Zamcelco information officer Ferdinand Rodriguez later added, “… if due date falls on a Saturday, there shall be standby tellers to collect, receive payment of electric bills.”

That by itself is enlightening, yes, except that the addendum must not be literally limited to receiving payments only of bills falling on due dates. All such other temittances, delayed or in advance, must be accepted.

X x x x X

Pres. Duterte, without citing anyone, clearly eyes saboteurs as responsible for the recent killings of teenagers, including that of his relative Carl Angelo Arnaiz in Caloocan City mid-August.

Suspects, anyone? But of course - yellowtards. Saying the killings are on purpose, the move aims to discredit striving law enforcers deeply engaged in the legitimate drug war.

Duterte stressed, it is not a policy to kill drug suspects, an issue raised by Sen. Risa Hontiveros, one reported to have come from left-leaning groups.

X x x x X

Former Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon, has locked horns with the senators, after testing their patience, snubbing two hearings on the congressional probe into the P6.4-billion “shabu” shipment through the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Faeldon vowed to go to the Senate on Monday but not to testify before the hearing.

He said he will submit himself to the Senate custody, but rejected to the Senate’s order. “I will go to the Senate and let myself be arrested… But I will not go and attend the hearing. They can carry me or let me sit there but I will not participate.”

X x x x X

Having a tattoo is inconclusive evidence presidential son Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is a member of the Chinese triad, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said yesterday.

During the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing Thursday, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV alleged that Duterte has a tattoo that will prove he is part of the syndicate operating in Macau, Hong Kong and China - the “triad.” And that members thereof have a tattoo with a sacred digit at the back which can be read by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (US DEA).

For his part, though not implying the young Duterte indeed has that mark, Cayetanao said, “Let’s say if you have a rose tattoo and I like to have it too and copied it, does that mean I’m also a member of that organization? Maybe if the tattoo is the tattoo of the triad together with other evidence… it might be different.” Cayetano said.

He also questioned the “intelligence” source of Trillanes, saying the senator is unlikely to receive such report as he is not part of the government security cluster.

In the meantime, Duterte called Trillanes 4th a “coward” for his accusations against his family, which he described as “garbage”, with allies in the Senate describing them as “off tangent” and “unsubstantiated.”

In the social media, Trilanes became the butt of jokes, when Duterte allies labelled him “GAY’ for wanting to see the bareback of the young and robust Duterte.

Even sister Sara joined in the fray.

X x x x X

Yellowtards are again putting political color on the Marcos family desire to celebrate the late president Ferdinand Marcos’ 100th birth anniversary on Monday at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery) in Taguig City.

While as reported, all that the Marcoses had sought permission for was to have a simple, private and silent tribute, there go the yelowtards again with threats of demonstration and protest actions.

Silly. Nuay mas tos otro que hace. (Nothing else to do.)

Folks, how did you find the piece today? (By Jimmy Cabato)

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