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BY Jimmy Cabato


As city hall gleefully commemorated the infamy of 9th October 2013, Cong. Celso L. Lobregat had this to say. “… there is a visible slowness in the recovery of the affected barangays.”, referring to the ones destroyed by the invasion.

Refreshing our point yesterday, though the observance, in fairness, was correctly carried out by honoring the casualties and acclaimed surviving heroes, the day should be on the city’s liberation after 21 long drawn days. The day of invasion was an infamy and the day of deliverance one of pride. That is what to be celebrated. Not shame.

Back to the revealing insights of Lobregat. He said, in spite of the series of turn-over of permanent shelters to its beneficiaries who are Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) and are victims of the past war in the city, it still cannot be called recovery because the recipients themselves still experience discomfort and lack of utility services like power, water and even septic tanks for their respective homes.

Lobregat added, the Z3R projects and such other tasks are yet unaccomplished. Victims still thrive in discomfort.

In conclusion, the solon said, the local government has yet to do a lot of things double time and with sense of urgency in order to fully recover from the wrath of rebellion four years ago.

Still with an addendum, he outlined his signature accomplishments – the Zamboanga city-Labuan road and Baliwasan seaside road, saying these are examples of progress to help solve the gigantic traffic mess, and not just semantics.

Evidently, being chairman of the Committee on Public Works and Highways in Congress, Lobregat continues to find concrete solutions and resources from the national government for Zamboanga city to progress.

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Local drug enforcement agencies continue their relentless drive against the menace, yet so many just don’t get to atone. Agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) added to the list of arrests a couple during a buy-bust operation in Familia Sagrada, Camino Nuevo on Thursday before midnight.

PDEA Regional Director, Lyndon Aspacio identified those arrested as Mark Paul Aba y Jaluag and his live-in-partner Aira Perez y Campo, of the same place.

PDEA men confiscated from the suspects shabu weighing .48 grams and the marked money.

The usual pieces of evidence were confiscated from the suspects and are now detained at the PDEA headquarters, pending pressing of charges.

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It is said, when one lives if a glass house, don’t throw stones on other houses.

This may be what Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, as Pres. Duterte threw back the accusations he lawmaker hurled against him and his family, baring he will expose the Senator’s offshore bank accounts,

“They (He) were (was) foisting this lie that I have P200 million. We were the favorite targets. You can go around all the way to the rural banks of Tawi-Tawi and all if there’s one (in our name), ” Duterte said, adding “I’m coming out with Trillanes’ bank deposits all over (the world). I got it. He thinks I cannot do it, too,” he added.

Ha! – “… He thinks I cannot do it, too,” Is this is an unguared giveaway that Trtillanes had so done? Hmmm…

In chavacano, they say, “Let s to see,” as they trade denunciations.

Relative to that, however, Duterte explained that unlike what Trillanes showed during the campaign period, the evidence he obtained against the Senator is not garbage.

He continued, “So I am giving you, in a few days, the number of deposits that he has with Chinese joint accounts. It’s all over - Hong Kong, Australia, America.”

Aside from Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts, Duterte said he would reveal the identity of the Senator’s more than 200 consultants.

That, SS says is undeniable. It had been so exposed in the past. The highest paid Trillanes adviser is another Trillanes, a brother, who is reported to be without any exceptional credentials.

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Now, this is what is concrete help. Australia will send troops to assist Philippine forces in the ongoing battle against Islamic State-inspired Maute Group in Marawi City, Australia’s Defense Minister Marise Payne said.

Small contingents of Australian soldiers will be sent to train Philippine troops, Payne said during a press conference with her Philippines’ counterpart Secretary Delfin Lorenzana in Manila.

Uh, oh... So, the assistance are not assault troopers – trainors only. In any case, help is help. As it is said in western films, “No arguments no more,” even as counterpart Defense Secretary said, “It would not look good if we will be needing them to fight the war here,” Lorenzana said, stressing that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has enough troops to fight the Maute terrorists.”

Meanwhile, it was reported, military forces continue to inch toward the remaining strongholds of the terrorist group in a final push to drive away the ISIS-inspired gunmen in the once bustling Islamic City in Mindanao.

Col. Edgard Arevalo, AFP information officer, said that the Maute forces continue to diminish based on the assessment and information they have been receiving from ground commanders.

What slows down the military operation, according to Arevalo, is the presence of civilian hostages which, he said, are being used as human shields by the remaining Maute Group forces.

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At first glance, SS was taken aback reading this rehashed report. The Ramon Magsaysay Foundation recently recognized five exemplary and visionary individuals and a group from various parts of Asia, which included a name – Lawyer Lilia de Lima.

The name rang a bell, for it may just have been a typographical error, sending to SS to dig deeper.

No, it is not drug-linked Lawyer Leila de Lima. The de Lima awardee is the director general of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA.)

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Dear readers, do you notice the significant altered writing mode of SS now? While it may still be coming out a little long, though considerably a lot shorter than before, due to the many interesting news bits that cannot just be disregarded, the itemized bits and pieces are each crispy brief ones, covering more angles. Hope you like them. Thanks and God bless.

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