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Before some other observations here, SS makes the following item his centerpiece today, serious as it is.

Some may view this as a flip flop, but SS sees this to be a pragmatic move. For despite having said, “Take no prisoner. I want them dead,” Pres. Duterte now says, members of the Maute group who choose to surrender would be treated as criminals but would be given humane treatment.

Duterte, however cautioned that if they would keep on fighting, then the government has no choice but to kill them.

It will also be recalled, Duterte earlier said there would be no negotiations with the rebels in Marawi City due to the number of casualties the government had suffered, with the latest count showing a high total of 145 government troops killed.

SS now depose why the most Duterte move is a practical one. That’s the only way doable for government to desist from having to bomb mosques and/or any other religious structures. One has to consider, the firefight now enters its fourth month and our troops face the same obstructions since the start – the utilization by terrorists of religious buildings to hide with numerous hostages for human shields.

So to finally put an end to the crisis, there’s no other way, but bomb their lairs.

That is, however, a chilling thing to do. As Christians, we respect other religion’s places of worship.

It stands to reason then, it would be better to have live prisoners than have dead soldiers.

For while enemy suffers more casualties than government troopers, still and all, one other fallen soldier is a loss, no matter how one looks at it. If the war can be ended by welcoming prisoners, so be it. But if they stubbornly refuse to give up, let all hell lose. There’s no way. Sorry.  Bow.

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Now, the extras. At writing time, SS experienced fits with the net and fb. Both played games with SS. Of the net, soon as SS started research wok for news info, no local paper was available. Turning to the national level, yes, it showed all. But after going over only one item in the Manila Bulletin, returning then for others, the net read not available. Same was true with all other papers.

Of fb. It re-posted an entry of two years ago that was blank, but with a caption that read, “To the left of Kingkong is yours truly. To my left is Tiago Santiago. Wondering why the Chairman of the Cabinet is not featured here. – This was readily shown but photo was still blank.

So, this was then edited, to wit:-  “ Fond memories of friends. Wondering why the Chairman of the Cabinet is not featured here, and why photo is blank. To readers, sorry. To fb managers, no, thanks – That, however would not show. So, SS rehashed it this wise.  (A later adendum. It shows now and complete, with the Cabinet Chairman, standing, already shown this time. Others seated are Kenneth Yeo,a classmate of the chairman in Manila, and Tuat “Tawha” Gan, brother. This time thanks to fb managers. With a thank you note this time, waiting to see if this is properly posted now.)

It readily did. This then followed: ... Yes, yes, yo. Finally it did. But my earlier changes that carried a “No, thanks note to fb managers,” never appeared. Again, thanks for this clarification, fb managers.

One more adendum. After playing games with me, fb again accepted the thanks and posted this full clarification. Bow...

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With the absence of newsfeeds, writing now relies on the single item researched and tidbits from the news SS heard half-asleep this morning.


We have to give some to that man Trillanes. Truly he is a bull-headed adventurist. On TV this morning he challenge the Dutertes, saying in Pilipino, “I am ready to sign a waiver for anyone to check my bank accounts. You do the same, and in the company of the Ombudsman, the media, we all to the banks and inspect out accounts. If mine is clean, I will ask for a certification attesting that and… (SS first says this chilling part in Pilpino)… “At isampal ko sa mukha ni Duterte. (And I will slap it on the face of Duterte.) Tough words, hugh.

Kaya kaha? (Is he capable?)

Long shot, SS says.

But come to think of it. The Trillanes dare is fair. What he does, Duterte does. And this would certainly end all accuation, allegations as well as speculations as to who indeed has the stashed away moolah

And better still, if Trillanes proves right, we get the chance to see if he ever dares slap that certification on the face of Duterte. On that butts a supposition, but if is it Duterte who proves correct, the slapping act is a certainty.

Let us now watch the next Duterte retort or better still, move. That, I want to see. Say you?

X x x x X

Duterte has warned of a nationwide martial law in case some others would stage a rebellion in other parts of the country.

In Pilipino, he said, “I am not trying to scare you. Do not commit the mistake of staging a rebellion, especially if there’s fighting on the streets,”

“I will not hesitate to impose martial law all throughout the country and order the arrest of everybody. I will really use the Armed Forces and the police,” he added.

X x x x X

On the lighter side of the news, Aware of the difficulties, challenges and stress encountered by commuters and motorists in the congested streets of Metro Manila almost on a daily basis, 50-year-old Grab driver Jovelton Lopez, came up with an initiative to help calm down passengers and embrace positivity.

Lopez, who has been a Grab driver for the past three years, gleefully treats passengers to free candies, biscuits, and bottled water, and is thankful for a smile and a complimentary word in return.

A ride with Lopez, however, can also turn into a mind-relaxing and inspiring one, as quotes on the good, nice and positive things can be found on the vehicle’s seat covers.

In Pilipino, he said, “I noticed that when my passengers get inside the car, they are quiet and appear to be contemplating, so I thought of posting inspirational words for them to read.”

The quotations, which mostly tackle facing life’s challenges, were chosen by his our children and were handwritten by his wife.

Every day, Lopez said he encounters different types of people, but even the most irate get out of his car with a smile.

If only all others would have the ingenuity Lopez, we all will be living in a bedutiful wide, wide world. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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