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Travel sortie for SS starts tomorrow, the 28th. Thus, we do a rehash of our starting item yesterday. This time it will not be under un(fore)seen fortuitous circumstances, but for time frame and availability of PCUs plus net signal

In the company of Zambo Western Eagles, this corner will be motoring off to Butuan for our 3rd Eagles National Convention. From there, we will take the opportunity of proceeding to Siargao Island at the invitation of a local boy, JD Corpin, Siargao Eagles charter president who now stays there where he runs a state-of-the art resort, per accounts relayed by friends who had earlier visited the isle.

The number of miss outs is clearly unpredictable.

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The Board of Directors of the Zamboanga City Puericulture Center is expected to take the hits for Jollibee in filing a case for either a preliminary injunction or a temporary restraining order that would prevent the city government from enforcing its closure order against the fast food chain’s store at Puericulture, as the second and final closure notice City Hall issued ends today, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, City Legal Officer Jesus C. Carbon Jr. is seen motivating the board to drop the plan, hinting that some members of the Puericulture Center Board are department heads of the city government, and for them to file a case against the city, from where they draw their salary, is really very unfortunate.

He was obviously referring to City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos, City Assessor Edwin Bernardo, City Planning and Development Coordinator Rodrigo Sicat and City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer Elmeir Apolinario, who are members of the Board.

And Carbon is also noticed to be putting words in the mouths of Jollibee managers, in a move seen to influence the city hall officials in the board. He advanced views, Jollibee management is willing to close voluntarily anytime, following the due process, adding “Jollibee people are very peaceful people. They don’t want trouble. They just want to be allowed to do business without legal complication.”

Accordingly, However, Jollibee will just rely on and stick to the lease contract it entered into with the Puericulture. Although city hall says the contract was null and void ab initio, on grounds that Puericulture Center does not have the legal authority to enter into contract with Jollibee or any other entity, considering that the city government (not Puericulture) is the administrator of the property pursuant to a presidential decree, Jollibee as accordingly laid down, would not take the matter sitting down.

On the other hand, on the point that “the city government (not Puericulture) is the administrator of the property,” Puericulture Center Board’s being the property’s long-time occupant must have earlier been given the authority to “administer” the same by a previous sitting mayor. And that may account for their renting out of an area there for the long-existing carenderias before.

What was good for the goose is also good for the gander. Jollibee and the carenderias both cater to the same business line - food.

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Another case here of a local maniac, but this one is on the loose no more. A 40-year old man was arrested after allegedly raping a 6-year old girl on Itutalde Drive, Villa, Sta. Maria last Sunday night.

Police identified the suspected culprit as Jojie Garcia y Banay, married of Kayalaan, Tumaga, this city.

Garcia was apprehended in a follow-up operation that operatives of the Sta. Maria Police Station later conducted.

Coming home from a nearby internet café, the girl victim arrived crying as her private part was continuously bleeding.

When confronted by her mother the girl confided that she was raped by a yet unidentified man.

The mother and daughter then proceeded to the Sta. Maria Police Station to lodge a formal complaint.

During the investigation, the victim was able to identify Garcia through a picture that was presented to her as the man who sexually molested her.

The suspected rapist is now detained at the Sta. Maria Police Station as the police readied rape charges against him.

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the invited guest of honor during the culmination program of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2017. Christian Olasiman, city government special events chief made this announcement, saying however, that no confirmation on Duterte’s acceptance has yet been received.

The culminating activity is the main fiesta program, featuring the street dance competition on October 11 at Paseo del Mar.

Olasiman said there were initial talks but there is still no concrete resul as to the president’s coming, but that the city is hoping the president will be able to - an optimism City Mayor Beng Climaco echoed. She said she is closely coordinating with Malacañang regarding the invitation.

Other national officials were also invited to attend the culmination program of the city’s festivity.

During the culmination program, all the top city officials are expected to be present like Mayor Beng Climaco, District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat and District 2 Congressman Mannix Dalipe, city councilors, city department heads, regional directors and high-ranking police and military officials.

It is good noticing, whereas in her 2nd SOCA (State of the City Address,) Lobregat was not invited, but is in the list of invitees now.

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President Duterte pushed for closer cooperation between the Philippines and the United States to combat the organized crime syndicates behind drug trafficking, warning that the Philippines is in “trouble” as two international triads are now behind the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

The President bared that the ”Bamboo” and the “14K” triads have taken over local drug operations, even turning the country as a transshipment point of the illegal substance to the United States.

“We are in trouble and this is the first time that I would reveal it because we’re talking about the Constitution and the interest of the country and, of course, the Bill of Rights and due process,” the President said during the 56th anniversary of the Philippine Constitution Association (PHILCONSA) at the Manila Hotel. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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