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September 30 is ‘Feast of Ashura’


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops,”

—Geofrey Chances, British Writer

“Philosophy is the stray camel of the faithful, take hold of it whenever ye come across it.”

—(Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


The Muslim world will once observe one of its great holidays, but not declared a non-working holiday in our country. It was not included in PD 1083 nor did the other Republic Acts include it in the Muslims holidays both Sunnis and Shi’as observe this holiday with thankful humility because on the “Day of Ashura” so many Great Events took place in Islamic narrative. So the youth (especially the Muslim youth) must know the sacred significance of this great holiday.

Ashura, the 10th Month of Muharram (this month) on September 30, 2017/10th Muharram 1439 A.H., the first month of the Islamic Calendar, the sanctity and significance are narrated as follows:

- Starting with Adam, the father of mankind, it was on this day of “Ashura” that pardon was granted to him (Adam) after immeasurable period of time spent in repentance and supplication;

- It was on “Ashura”, the Throne, the Chair, the Firmament, the Sun, the Moon and Myriads of twinkling starts came into being on this day. The Heaven was created on this day;

- It was on “Ashura” that the Prophet Abraham (the Patriarch of Jews, Christians, and Muslims), Peace Be Upon Him, got out unharmed from the great fire lit up by Nimrod;

- Prophet Moses (Musa) Peace Be Upon Him, and his people attained independence from the tyrant Pharaoh, who with his army of soldiers and retainers was drowned;

- Prophet Noah (Nooh) Peace Be Upon Him got his Ark anchored at the foot of Mt. Judi;

- Prophet King Solomon (Suleiman), Peace Be Upon Him, was made the Master of a vast empire;

- Prophet Jonah (Younus), Peace Be Upon Him, got out of the belly of the whale which had swallowed him (unharmed);

- Prophet Jacob (Yakoob), Peace Be Upon Him, regained his eyesight;

- Prophet Joseph (Yoosuf), Peace Be Upon Him, was pulled out of the deserted well in which he was thrown and abandoned by his step brothers;

- Prophet Job (Ayyoob), Peace Be Upon Him, was cured of his deadly ailment;

- And finally, as we all know, the Martyrdom of Saidina/Hazrat Hussain (grandson of Prophet Muhammad, son of Saidina Ali and Fatima) and his company took place on this day;

- Last but not the least, the first showers of heavenly and blissful rain came down to earth on this day (Ashura).


October: IPs and Teachers’ Month we will discuss the significance of this months of the twin celebrations in the next issues of Bottomline. (By Ali T. Yacub)  ###

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