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The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) regional office 9 has disclosed that there are 535 indigent senior citizens beneficiaries of the DSWD Social Pension who did not yet claim their pension from January to present.

Maria Gloria Patayan, DSWD 9 social pension focal person, said in an interview that these 535 senior citizens came from the different barangays in Zamboanga City.

According to Patayan, the possible reasons why these senior citizens failed to get their pension are either they are sick or have transferred to another place. She added that others cannot be located by the office.

These pensioners must be tracked so that proper liquidation of money can be done, so that the pensioner will not be delisted, and the funding will not go back to the national treasury.

With what came to the knowledge of SS, there could be some serious lapses somewhere - just can’t exactly tell whether it is in the city, district or regional office.

SS is aware of the sorry plight, at least of one beneficiary - a resident of Baliwasan - Mr. Abdulkarim S. Daway, as according to Aimie and per Boday knowledge, Daway Iraham, who we presume was prematurely delisted only within two to three months. And he has been coming to this corner several times seeking advice upon pieces of advice on the sad status of his pension claim, and had run of some more.

He says, a few months back, definitely not before January this year, he fell ill. And when he was up and about, he went to the Social Service Office to claim his pay. There and then then, he as supposedly told, his name has been cancelled and replaced by another senior citizen. He has then become ineligible to his pension pay. Tsk…

That is the sorry plight of an elderly individual - one thing our social service authorities need to address. They may please reach him through this corner. He has been to their offices time and again and case never resolved.

(The name version of younger sis, per further check turned out correct - Abdulkarim S. Daway.)

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Authorities have put in place strengthened security measures in Isabela City, the capital of Basilan province following a roadside explosion near the residence of the city mayor. The explosion occurred around 6 p.m. Thursday at Purok Rubber in the village of Sumagdang.

P/Sup Jerome Afuyog, Isabela City police chief, said that post-blast investigation showed that the explosion was caused by a cellular phone-triggered improvised bomb, and there was no reported casualty nor damage to property since the explosion occurred at a vacant area.

Mayor Akbar is the son of the late political couple Wahab and Jum,   who had alternately served as governor and representative of Basilan province.

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A policeman of Police Station 11 was tagged as a person of interest in the shooting of another policeman and wounding of two other persons inside a motorcycle store on Tuesday, along Vitaliano Agan Avenue, Barangay Camino Nuevo, Zamboanga City.

Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) spokesperson, Insp. Edwin Duco however, withheld the identity of the Police Officer, assigned with the Western Police District.

Investigators are awaiting results of the paraffin test of subject, and will moive on from there, depending on said test.

Police report disclosed the policeman matches the description of the gunman who shot to death SPO4 Abdurahman Estino y Ambiting, assigned in Siocon.

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As foreseen, Pres. Duterte is unlikely to pursue the prosecution of the children of the late President Ferdinand Marcos over his alleged wrongdoings.

The President said Marcos children were still young at the time their father assumed office.

In Pilipino, he blurted, “Now they say, you prosecute, you punish’,” adding that at that time, Bongbong Marcos was only a kid of about seven years old. What did they (he) do wrong?],” He continued, only Imelda and

only Imelda and husband Ferdinand were adults.

“Guilt is personal… It’s your offense, that’s it. You can’t implicate others in the barangay except if it is an organized crime,” he said.

And earlier, the President said he was not bargaining away justice in matters related to the Marcoses amid criticisms on a possible compromise deal over the return of some of their ill-gotten wealth.

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US Pres. Donald Trump has after all accepted the invitation of Pres. Duterte to attend the summit with South East Asian leaders in the Philippines later this year, rejecting earlier claims he was to skip it.

In a statement Friday, the White House said that Trump will visit Manila as part of a bumper November 3-14 tour of China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the US state of Hawaii.

The announcement tees up a meeting between Trump and President Duterte.

During a visit to ASEAN’s Jakarta headquarters in April, Vice President Mike Pence had promised allies - anxious about waning US engagement in the region - that Trump would attend the bloc’s summit in Manila this November.

Since then Trump’s souring “bromance” with Duterte - prompted, in part, by Duterte’s rights record and his vow in July to never visit “lousy” America - had thrown those plans in the air.

“He invited us so we’re going to see,” Trump said, while announcing he would go to Japan, South Korea, China and, maybe, Vietnam for a regional APEC economic summit.

Early in his tenure, Trump courted controversy by praising Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.”

Duterte’s crackdown on alleged drug dealers has seen the police kill an estimated 3,850 people in 15 months and made him a virtual pariah.

So, Duterte had been angered by a US Congress human rights commission hearing, where various advocate groups assailed his bloody war on drugs.

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First, it was Chief of Staff Eduardo Año, then Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana, and now the president himself. After four months of fighting between government troops and Islamic State-linked rebels in Marawi City, President Duterte is hopeful that the conflict would be over by the end of the month.

“Today, we are still fighting but I hope that by the end of the month (September 30), we’d be able to resolve the issue,” the President said about the Marawi situation.

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The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) has denied it was the source of documents and information that allegedly contained evidence that President Duterte has P2 billion in hidden wealth.

Earlier, Pres. Duterte said he was prepared to be executed if allegations of ill-gotten wealth are proven, apart from offering to step down from office.

“If there is a P211 million, adding in Pilipino, they can keep them

Meanwhile, Duterte said, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s stash of money from his offshore accounts may be used to destabilize the government, as he exposed the former’s supposed bank transactions from a Singapore bank account he claimed as non-existent.

the senator’s associates, whom he claimed were extorting money from some senators and large corporations, were the ones backrolling efforts to throw him out of office.

While claiming previously that he “invented” Trillanes’ supposed Singapore bank account numbers in DBS Bank in Alexandra Road, the President insisted his top critic had closed the Singapore bank accounts even days before he brought members of the media in an effort to debunk his claims.

“He terminated it [sic] online on Sept. 8, 2017 past 10 p.m. then left for Singapore,” Duterte said, as he showed documents amounting to SGD 200,000 or more than P7.4 million?showing the transfer of money from Trillanes’ bank accounts.

Waving a matrix showing Trillanes’ supposed bank transactions, Duterte showed at least 30 international transfers from various sources to Trillanes’ bank accounts. (By Jimmy Cabato) ###

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