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Pres. Duterte shrugged off anew the conflicting trust and satisfaction ratings bared in the survey of two pollsters this month. Hey, hey, hey, only the second to the last surveys carried conflicting views. Remember? And it was mainly on public perception that the Duterte Drug War is centered on the poor, and not on the affluent.

And in the most recent survey results of both Pulse Asia’s and SWS’, results showed high satisfaction ratings for the president.

Whatever, this may be what moved Duterte to mouth a tip-off, this-away. Duterte is giving the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) six months to prove its mettle in fighting the government’s war against illegal drugs, hinting on the possible return of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the front seat if the PDEA fares bad.

To SS, whether PDEA fares well or bad, recalling the PNP to the campaign will necessarily multiply his success in dealing with the drug menace. Bear in mind, PDEA has only some 1,200 field agents, while the PNP is stuffed with well over 100,000 police personnel.

In Pilipino, he said, “From now on, nobody will interfere. It will be just PDEA. Okay, let us see six months from now…” “if it gets worse, I’ll tell these monkeys, ‘Hey come back, solve our problem. You’re all talkative so if you cannot solve that, I will circumcise all of you again.”

While the statements could seem directed to either the PDEA of the PNP; accordingly, Duterte was apparently alluding to the western nations critical of his drug war, which he recently challenged to take the lead in solving the drug war if they can do it in a civilized way.

He explained anew that the illegal drug trade is an “organized crime,” likely inferring drastic action s must be employed.

In the meantime, the direct order to the police are simply to intensify their visibility in crime-prone areas and other places where illegal drugs trade is rampant as part of its contribution on the war on drugs, and submit to PDEA intelligence reports on drug activities.

See how minimal police responsibility in the drug war is now. Those simple tasks would not matter much in the drug fight - For granting their visibility is felt, still and all their hands are tied. And granting, too, that they would supply the PDEA with all the information of drug peddling, its 1,200 agent-forces could never reach out to all illegal peddlers.

Suggestion, the president must not wait for six (6) before tapping the police again. Remember, when, because of criticisms from overly moralistic scanty individuals, Duterte suspended “Oplan Tokhang,” the ugly head of the illegal drug trade soared back to high proportions.

Mr. President, return police participation in the drug war.  Do not wait for six months. The time is now, Sir.

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Government authorities have said today is the last day of the Marawi firefight. That indeed is credible, for reportedly, the Maute Group has no more civilian hostages on  hand and the battle has gone down to just one building where only about 30 remaining terrorists are holding out.

Colonel Romeo Brawner, Joint Task Force Ranao deputy commander, said they exhausted all means to successfully rescue all remaining hostages.”

Brawner added, there is one particular building in which they believe Maute stragglers are holed up with their wives.

“At this point we gave them all the chances to surrender. We gave them all the chances to come out together with the hostages and in fact some of them did,” he said.

Further, Brawner said in Day 153 of the conflict, the number of Maute terrorists killed is now 919 with the firearms recovered already 864.

The number of hostages rescued has now reached 1,780 civilians with government fatalities (soldiers and police killed) still at 165.

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The soldiers who fought to liberate Marawi from the Maute terrorists will be given a vacation in Hong Kong as Pres. Duterte promised, bared Communications Secretary Martin Andanar.

The private sector would be helping Duterte fulfill his promise. An airline company will give free tickets and some private individuals will give pocket money, accordingly.”

The mutli-million-dollar reward for terrorist leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute, however, was reported not intended for government troops.

He said that the $5-million reward from the US government will go to the informants, who will still need to undergo validation by the US agents.

Likewise,  it has not yet been decided who will collect the P10-million reward that the president offered for Hapilon and P5 million each for the two Maute brothers, Abdullah and Omar.

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The river rises close the spring. Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has practically been in all newspapers, either defending, to the point of damnation, her father, Rorigo. And yesterday, she was to launch a coalition that will fight destabilization efforts against him.

The coalition is named Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines (TAMAP.)

On her Facebook page, the Davao mayor called on her father’s supporters to attend the event. She added the group will reach out to other communities.

Based on the group’s Facebook post, the alliance will be the umbrella organization of all groups who supported President Duterte during the presidential campaign in May 2016.

The group claims to have members from all ranks — teachers, overseas Filipino workers, artists, doctors, students, retirees, young professionals, lawyers, artists, engineers, businessmen, as well as lumads, Muslims, and government workers.

As of October 17, at least 75 groups were listed under the Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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