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Police Station (11) Chief Areston Limos


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IN my one-on-one interview with ZCPO police station (11) Comdr. Supt. Areston Limos, there are inconspicuous police matters, but of utmost concern that our top PNP echelon from its national headquarters is currently looking into to help enhance its delivery of service to certain major issues that have been grossly overlooked (or are they being neglected, not of their faults, at all?), and should, therefore, be addressed with dispatch, right away.

LIMOS, when bombarded with a series of questions, apparently was jarred when made mention of the following: condition of its present state of its detention cells; issue of mendicancy—especially minors; illegal gambling; traffic congestion; current role on anti-drug campaign, among others.

ON the ever known sorry state of its overcrowded detention cells(they have a total of 3), Col. Limos appeared groping for a better answer to at-least lessen its negative effect. However, to his chagrin, he couldn’t help but speak the truth. “Actually, it can only accommodate 10(detainees), but now, although, medyo nabawas cantina (decrease a little), because of the president(DU30)’s recent order to have the  PDEA take the cudgel now, with us (PNP) parang supportive nalang, the number of our detainees has gone down to about 40 from as many as 60 to even 80. But, they’re still very much congested. Na-awa ako sa kanila (I pity them).” He also noted that there are detainees who aren’t from this place, “at ito ang problema, because there’s no one visiting them, and bring them food.” Limon said, for humanitarian consideration, “Nagse-share nalang ang mga tao natin, at ito mga co-detainees na may familia dumadalao sa kanila, and they share their food to them, also.”

Limos said, the PNP central office has taken cognizance of this problem, and they’re working on the possibility to create a budget for this particular concern. “Just enough, like P50 per head,” according to him which is better than none at all, right?

Limos, however, believed that sooner or later, these three small detention cellsof his police station 11 (two for men and one for the women detainees), will be improved as there’s now an allocated fund to be included for the very purpose. “It shall be called custodial cells and no longer detention cells,” according to Limos. Limos said the custodial cells are appropriately termed, “For these suspects are merely under the custody of the police. It’s BJMP with its ZC jail station, that should detain them, not the police,” according to him.

IF so, then, the present setup could be a misnomer.

ON the mendicancy woes, the police under his jurisdiction, according to Limos,has been very consistent on this campaign, but the trouble, according to him, after they rounded up these mendicants, especially those minors, they’re back again. “When we ask our City Social Welfare Office (CSWO), pero’ sabi nila, may mga magulang ito sila, that’s why they’re being claimed back by them. So, iyon na, bumabalik lang sila ulit sa calle.”

Limos said this has been like a vicious cycle, although, they continue on with their useless campaign to help address the city’s mendicancy problem.

ILLEGAL GAMBLING: Limos said, this is one issue they’re focusing on, what with the marching orders of PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa after Pres. Duterte ordered PDEA to take over its anti-drug following DU30’s stern directive for the PNP to lie low when under fire from critics who’ve been alarmed by the reported massive Extra-Judicial Killings (EJKs)—especially in Metro Manila, and put the blame on the PNP’s buy-bust operations vs. drug suspects across the country. He, however, explained that the police under his AOR, have done a string of arrests against drug suspects when incidentally nabbed indulged in drug vices. “But, we can no longer conduct our buy-bust (operation). It’s only PDEA. Kami supportive na lang.”

Back to their illegal gambling campaign, Limos said, they have had scores of arrest due to illegal gambling activities. “But with the coming in of the STL(lotto-type) about two months ago, parang na neutralize na itong suertres,” Limos said.

TRAFFIC CONGESTION: Limos said his traffic cops (now under C/Insp. Raymond Sanson) can just do that much, “Pero, pagkatapus na itong mga repair works sa calsada natin, I think, medyo maganda na and ating traffic flow.” He noted that last Monday’s traffic condition was indeed heavy because of the National Youth Day opening rites ushered by its long parade going to the City Coliseum in Brgy. Tetuan. But, what’s foremost in their minds, according to Limos, is to see to it that the safety and security of all the youth participants coming from the different parts of the country for the five (5)-day national event, is being assured.

HE urged our local residents staying within the city’s densely-populated sections under his AOR, to assist their police secure their own respective localities, by monitoring closely well any suspicious characters and or items, objects like abandoned baggage and the likes, to help create a peaceful, orderly and safe environment in its whole community here in our own la bella, “Asia’s Latin City.” (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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