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We had written here a couple of times here about adjusting our writing mode to suite the taste of my family critics, who complain of loooong articles. And we did so, yes.

After so complying, no word or whimper was heard from them, and SS wondered then, there could be only two reasons – It’s either they became contented or they have stopped reading SS.

At long last, from my No.2 critic, came one – “There's no need to repeat Duterte's speech here. Just state your comments & opinions. Your Snipes are too l-,o-n-g that it gets too tiresome to read through the end!”

Posted as a reaction on my own blog, it was from my high school Science teacher-turned literary lecturer – now Manila-based, my own flesh and blood, sister of my mother – Auntie Nenita Uro Gonzales.

At impulse SS replied, “Have been saying that (here), Auntie Nits, and trying to adjust. It just so happens, his (Duterte’s) statements are worthwhile sharing. Will continue readjusting.

In a later review, hoeever, of yesterday’s SS related to the Duterte “speech,” it was discovered, the item was only a 12-liner. And the two other Duterte items were of different topics that consisted only of a 4 and 8-liners apiece.

Still and all, however, on further perusal, the entire piece was indeed “l-o-n-g,” as my well-meaning aunt put it.

Voila, unlike our promised one full paged long-sized bond (11 x 14”), the piece was later noticed to be more than one and a half page “l-o-n-g.”

Thus, continuing the “touch-and-go” writing mode, SS will limit its length to one full paged long-sized bond (11 x 14”.)

X x x x X

Cong. Celso Lobregat was again conferred the  Outstanding Congressman awards in a ceremony held on November 28, 2017 at The City Club, Alpha Land Bldg., in Makati City.

This news also appeared in an fb blog yesterday. And SS had only this to say – “That is a constant. Congratulations once again, Mayor.”

Yes, indeed, Lobregat was a consistent awardee even during his first tenure in congress before zooming to the mayorship of Zamboanga City.

X x x X

Joint military and police forces in the province of Basilan hauled in a high profile Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) member, regarded as a “bomber” with P1.3 million reward on his head. Newly-promoted Brig. Gen. Juvymax Uy, Joint Task Force Basilan commander and concurrently the Army’s 104th Infantry Brigade’, said the arresting team seized from suspect Rahim Abdul alias Aman Kabalu a fragmentation grenade, after the latter was positively identified by a civilian as a member of the ASG and turned out to be a bomb expert.

Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez, Jr., Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom) chief, in turned commended the troops for the successful operation against the notorious bomber.

X x x x X

Unlike resigned Comelec Chief, Andres Bautista,  it’s a “No Retreat. No surrender” stand for Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno as she vowed to fight the impeachment case filed against her to the end, insisting truth is on her side.

The embattled Chief Justice said her fight against impeachment “is a fight for the people and the Constitution.”

The impeachment committee has been conducting hearings to determine probable cause that would pave the way for the elevation of the complaint to the Senate for trial once the required number of votes is met at the House.

The SC has allowed its justices and court officials to appear and testify on the impeachment case before the House committee.

A total of eight SC officials were invited to the hearings, but for testimony on adjudication, the SC authorized only Justice Teresita J. Leonardo De Castro to testify.

And Castro did testify last Wednesday, but Sereno’s lawyers were not allowed to cross-examine witnesses against her.

X x x xX

After scuttling peace talks with the communists, Pres. Duterte has ordered security forces to shoot armed rebels as an executive order is being prepared to declare them as terrorists.

Duterte also ordered the military and police to re-arrest the top leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) earlier released as consultants of the moribund peace talks.

“So if there is an armed NPA there or terrorist, if he’s holding a firearm – shoot,” Duterte said. Duterte said he is prepared to defend his men against allegations of human rights violations in killing NPA rebels.

X x x x x X

Whoops. It’s seven lines over the promised one full-paged long bond-sized paper. Till next time around. God bless. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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