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Cong. Celso Lobregat unleashed his heaviest verbal assault against the Local Liberal Party (LP), snarling, “The yellow majority in the council is at the height of hypocrisy and plasticity!”

Thus said the veteran city leader relative to the ouster of Coun. Charlie Mariano from the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

Lobregat wondered how those who filed the disqualification case against Mariano are the ones providing sympathy to the latter.

“El quien ya manda quita conele, el quien amo responsable para man disqualify conele, amo pa ya dale como eulogy.  Bien plastic gat esos maga hente,”  Lobregat said.

I will venture a guess, folks. They must have stricken a sweetheart deal with the embattled city dad, noticeably very friendly with him in the late days.

Alam na…

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The temporary fishing ban in Zamboanga city started yesterday, 1 December.

And the closed fishing season will last until 1 March next year.

For this period, catching of the sardine specie is prohibited in specified areas so multiplication is assured.

Under BFAR Administrative Circular 255 series of 2014 targeted for the conservation of sardines cover the areas of East Sulu Sea, Basilan Strait and Sibuguey Bay.

Labor leader Joe Suan reported that the more than 35,000 workers from around 40 companies in the Zamboanga peninsula affected by the ban imposition will reportedly be given their benefits as assistance to cope with temporary loss of work.

That’s good, at least for them, but for depot operators who supply water from private pumping stations, also affected by the fishing ban will receive no   compensation.

Two of them are Ben Macrohon and wifey Lily.

Wawah man.

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A Brazilian aircraft manufacturer has been chosen to supply our government six brand-new close-air support aircraft (CASA) – jet fighters. This was the announcement the Department of National Defense (DND) made, naming Embraer Defense and Security firm as the supplier at a contract price of P4,968,000,000.

Reportedly, the fleet was selected after a rigorous public bidding process participated in by several manufacturers from different countries. The particular aircraft  type chosen was the Super Tucano A-29, which is compliant with the stringent technical specifications required by the PAF (Philippine Air Force), the DND said.

Transparent as things appear, hopefully no negative comments will later surface considering the amount involved. Mana Filipino gayot.

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Responding to criticisms that the President’s on sight shoot order of any armed member of the New People’s Army (NPA,) claiming it goes against the law and the Constitution, Malacañang moved to defend the presidential command to soldiers and the police.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque opined, an armed NPA is a fighter “who is a valid military target given that they are engaged in a non-intentional armed conflict with government.

In a text message Friday, Roque said, “I assure you, no armed NPA will surrender to authorities”. The options, he said, are either shoot an armed rebel or for our men in uniform to be shot at by them.

That’s perfectly understandable to SS. Kill rather than be killed.

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It was written, “Pinoy Christmas is incomplete sans Jose Mari Chan Christmas ditties on the air, such as “Christmas In Our Hearts” and “Perfect Christmas.”

SS seconds that statement. As a matter of fact to SS, Jose Mari could be considered as the best Filipino English song writer. His compositions could very well compete with any international hits. Try “Afterglow,” that was followed by his debut LP, “Deep In My Heart.” Decades and several more hits later, Jomari released “Beautiful Girl,” “Please Be Careful With My Heart,” and “Can’t We Start Over Again,” just to name a few, from the “Constant Change” album.

In 1990, Jomari revealed it was Bella Tan, the late managing director of Universal Records, who suggested that he record a Christmas album, and “Christmas In Our Hearts” was a mega hit upon release, in spite of the reported scanty weeks it took to write the songs.

Barely three lines over the promised full-paged long bond-sized paper, this is as far we go today. Hope No. 2 critic satisfied now. How about you, folks?

God bless us all.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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