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Zamboangueña Silver Medalist Olympian Hidilyn Diaz in Rio ripped two more victories in the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championship in California, USA.

The competition is still in progress, having started 27th November, ending on 5th December.

The wins for Diaz were a silver medal in the Women’s 53 kg category, and in the clean and jerk, lifting 113 kilograms.

Over all, she lifted a total of 119 kilograms which gave her a bronze medal.

For both the 53kg women’s category and Clean and Jerk competitions, Thailand placed first place.

In spite of an earlier controversy that supposedly showed Coun. Elbert Atilano to have been dropped as chaperon of the Philippine Weightlifting team, as reported, he is be in the entourage. Just born, folks, of curiosity arousal.

Reported, too, is that this competition is part of Diaz’ conditioning for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Diaz is a veteran of three Olympics competitions - 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics, and of the latest 2016 Rio de Janeiro stint, where she bagged the silver medal for the Philippines.

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Social Security System (SSS) pensioners, per the state-run outfit announcement, may now check their SSS-registered ATM cards for a possible remittance of their 13th month pay, which was announced to have started being released last  December yet, with full remittances not later that 8th December.

SSS said, the pension fund has already released to respective partner-banks as early as 15th November to give the banks ample time to release the 13th month and December pension to SSS pensioners. And that some disbursing banks have released the 13th month and December pension as early as that date. Nov. 15.

Thus, to check their ATM s’ early may not be premature.

With the windfall, over 2.2 million pensioners will benefit – December regular pension plus the 13th month pay, equivalent to what they receive per month, plus the Duterte-initiated addition of P1,500.

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A 56-year old woman who turned out to be an overly protective mother moved her to hack and stab a barangay tanod Culianan, this City, simply when her son complained of having been pacified by the former in a fistfight with his own companions.

The mother, identified as Concepcion Ramillano Rodriguez of the same place is now detained at the Police Station 5, wigth frustrated murder charges being readied against her.

Buen bata anak (Good boy of a son.) Just for a simple act of being pacified, mother is now in big trouble.

Happy bos, Doy? (You now happy, brat?)

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The fate of the martial law in Mindanao would soon be decided as Palace reveals that President Duterte would submit his decision to the Congress before the legislative branch goes on Christmas break on December 15.

Such a wise move there - December 15, before the Christmas break.

Tricky, should we say, with one simple question - when will Congress resume session?

Whenever that is, that could be how long martial law here will stay.

It doesn’t really matter anyhow, only enemies of the state are the only ones bothered by the military rule in Mindanao. We, civilians are bothered a bit. Are you?

We doubt.

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A reenacted  budget, if it so does happen, will be a major setback for the Duterte Administration.

Noticeably in honeymoon with legislators, SS sees no way will the latter allow it to happen.

This is largely seen as senators, who created the impasse has thumbed down the possibility of a reenacted 2018 national budget, opining they are of the belief that the two Chambers of Congress will be able to reconcile their clashing versions.

The possibility of a reenacted budget surfaced when Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez insisted that the House will maintain a “hard stance” on its approved version of the 2018 GAA, which, contrary to the Senate, granted the Philippine National Police its P900-million proposed budget for its flagship program, Oplan Double Barrel.

Alvarez pa. (meaning Alvarez, being one of the closest Duterte allies, will yield to “gives and takes with the senate.)

Pencils up. It’s over the promised paper length. God bless.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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