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It was only yesterday that we wrote, “As we have been saying, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Zamboanga Peninsula Director under Lyndon Aspacio has been doing a great deal of a job in their assigned tasks to combat illegal drugs... It is worthwhile mentioning that while our PDEA here is an achiever, ruefully elsewhere the same cannot be said. They simply lack the manpower. The Police must be sent back to the task in aid of the number one-designated enforcement agency.”

Finally, the word is out. The Philippine National Police (PNP) will return to the frontlines of President Duterte’s drug war.

Frontlines, yes, but the palace qualified – for whatever good it may bring – the PNP anti-drug activities will be under the supervision of PDEA. Just as we had repeated above.

The return came after close to some two months of PNP idleness on drug cases. Their pullout was an offshoot of good-for-nothing kibitzers opposing the crackdown.

Gloss over. Presidential Spokesman Roque said the police were being brought back because drug crimes had risen in their absence, and there had been a “public clamor” for them to return.

See? Risen, yes, with strong unending clamor.

Meanwhile, the local PDEA again proved it mettle, nabbing six persons in two separate drug operations. PDEA-Zamboanga Peninsula. The usual illegal items were confiscated from the five Cases for violations of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 are being against them.. All are now detained, Dir. Aspacio siad.

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Rear Admiral Rene V. Medina Naval Forces Western Mindanao Commander, once more proved his command’s diligence to responsibilities, as it quickly sped to the rescue of an endangered vessel carrying some 59 passengers in waters off Basilan province last Friday evening. The boat, M/L Fatimah was moribund after its rudder broke, resulting to a major steering casualty. Lives and property have again been saved. More power NAVFORWESMINCOM, Sirs.

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A joint House committee has agreed to immediately form a body that would consolidate the proposals and submit a single measure of the four versions of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The joint panel has also agreed to form a ten-man sub-committee to be headed by Rep.Wilter Palma (NP, Zamboanga Sibugay).

Something appears off beam in this report. Wilter Palma. Is he not the governor of Zamboanga Sibugay, with Ann Hofer, congresswoman?

Whatever, good  to note, keeping keen watch over these developments is Cong. Celso Lobregat, who once again reiterated that since the issue of the ARMM and its expansion cropped-up, he had pledged to the people of Zamboanga City that he will be vigilant and consistent with his stand. He made clear that he is not opposing the BBL, but it should be constitutional and just to areas whose people do not want to be part of the BBL.

Just like in the previous congress where the Solon took a very active part in the deliberations of the old BBL, Lobregat assured that he will maintain his position in the upcoming committee deliberations, plenary debates and caucuses, ensuring that the best interest of Zamboanga City and the rest of Mindanao is protected.

Lobregat is hopeful that there will be the necessary amendments, deletions or additions to the bill, removing the unconstitutional, controversial and disadvantageous provisions in it.

deliberation in the plenary continues.

Whew..! It’s been some three lines more past the self-imposed article length. Please bear with it. Consistent valuable and tireless efforts, SS believes, must just not be bypassed. God bless. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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