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Taxpayers should be represented in Congress


In my facebook wall, I suggested that the taxpayers all over the Philippines should organize themselves into a Union, Federation or Partylist so that they can be properly and legally represented in the Halls of Philippine Congress. It is my conviction, that since the taxpayers are the lifeblood of the Philippine Government, they should be the most necessary, indispensable, relevant, useful, and justifiable member of the Philippine Legislature.

It is irrefutable that without the taxpayers, the Philippine Government will immediately cease to function. Yet, it very sad to note, that the taxpayers are not given the recognition and representation that they deserve more than any other group of citizens in this country. The government does not realize the indispensability and importance of the taxpaying public in the affair of government. The top executives and legislators of the Philippines that if people will boycott the payment of taxes they will not receive their salaries and other financial benefits. Rightfully, they should be the ones who should decide how, where, when, and for what each centavo of the Annual National Budget should be spent or utilized.  They should also have the right to demand that all expenses of any government office should be properly and honestly accounted for and audited including those that by virtue of Act of Congress are not subject to regular audit such as the controversial Intelligence Funds.

Since the taxpayers are the principal source of the National Budget, they should also be actively involved in its preparation, approval, and implementation. In fact, I also suggested that the taxpayers’ representative in Congress should exercise oversight function or veto power to eliminate suspicious and unnecessary items in the National Budget.

People may consider these ideas wild and unwieldy for the legislators to handle. But considering the fact that the taxpayers are the only principal source of income of the government in order to survive  and operate normally, shouldn’t they be the number group of people that should represented in Congress? Think about this, please!

By Clem M. Bascar

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