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Houses were Razed


There were 2 houses which were razed to the ground, yesterday morning, in Callejon Drive, Guiwan. Fire trucks had proceeded timely to the place and was able to control the conflagration right away. But the owners of the affected houses suffered losses. It’s how calamities may rob us; any tragedy happens most of the the time in a complete surprise to the poor victims. No fire may knock a prior permission in our doors to bring unwanted havocs against us.

Field reporters of Barangay eMedia were ones of the early persons to arrive in the place. You could see the panic amongst the faces of the people in Callejon Drive. Andnot just the affected families who were mixed-up, in those suspended moments, but also most of the neighboring homes around.

The Monday morning was pretty humid and there were also enough wind blows during the fire. Hence, if the responding fire trucks and those water pales from the neighbors were not enough to control the raze, worse might have transpired. Yes, the scenario was quite scary. In fact, you could hear a number of people literally praying for God’s mercy.

The traffic in La Bella was also starting to build-up in those hours. So, people began to worry that the fire trucks might be stuck somewhere in the Monday traffic congestions. But in fairness, the highways were not that very tough, for the former to negotiate towards BarangayGuiwan. If you remember, last month, a similar fire scenario did also happen in Guiwan. It created ripples of traffic effects all over. Hundreds of vehicles were trapped in MCLL Highway.

Thankfully, the traffic yesterday was quite manageable though, despite that it was still the rush hours. Maybe because the subject place was Callejon Drive—it is a bit interior, so it did not affect much the traffic in Guiwan Highway. The volume of vehicles in Zamboanga City has escalated in a staggering manner these past years, but our highways remain to be the same. There are only fewer roads which are newly opened.

The fire prevention month is still way far, but it seems fires continue to occur in no given time. Usually, the common reasons are faulty electrical wiring, especially those same wires which are hidden in the ceilings of our homes. Thus, when they spark, they cannot be noticed immediately. People around may only know them when the fire is already uncontrollable.

Indeed, when our very enemy is the nature itself, we can often find ourselves in the losing side. Admittedly though, electric power is already harnessed by man, but it has still some degree of uncontrollability. It is in this aspect where we hope against hope that we can handle them in the earliest time possible.

Are there how many homes everywhere, which hidedangerous electric wirings? Another thing, when electric wires are already dilapidated. Exposed live wires are dangerous. If your house may be standing for more than 10 years already, it can be wise to check your electric wirings, if they are still reliable. It is better to spend a little for their good replacement, than to suffer one day a total loss of your property.

Unlike to rural places, fires here in Zamboanga City are more dangerous. Most homes, especially here in downtown, are very close to each other. There are those which are even made from total light materials. Comes any conflagration, the affected place will not only be the origin of the fire, but in some cases the entire block!

Let us take more precautionary measures amongst our houses. Do not leave your electric appliances plugged-in to the power, in the absence of people around in the house. You cannot know or tell when accidents may happen. What if unnecessary frictions occur, and all of you are not in the house? Again, natural calamities strike in no given time. Whereas, avoiding any potential disaster is always possible—such by applying little wisdom.

“If one turns away his ear from hearing the law,even his prayer is an abomination. Whoever misleads the upright into an evil waywill fall into his own pit,but the blameless will have a goodly inheritance. A rich man is wise in his own eyes,but a poor man who has understanding will find him out. When the righteous triumph, there is great glory,but when the wicked rise, people hide themselves.” (Prov. 28:9-12, ESV)

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