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They were Robbed as a Couple


It could be another isolated case, but it deserves our attention to note because it was a robbery which took place in Boulevard Cawa-Cawa, to a husband and a wife together. Although said robbery happened at dawn, yesterday February 8. The couple was held-up in the place—all their valuables and cash, in their possession, were taken.

Robbers nowadays do have exceptional bravery that they may attack anytime or to anyone, when they have the chance to do it. The stretch of the Cawa-Cawa, Boulevard is only few meters away to a police camp; the place also is well-lighted, and plus a volume of motorists pass the area, 24/7. Albeit, those factors did not somehow deter said robbers.

A silly humor one may be able to quote that the robbers should have bigger needs, so much so thatthey were willing to take all the risks, to extract money from any susceptible victims. Presumably, there were no policemen in the place in those hours, because the robbery happened at dawn. The Boulevard, Cawa-Cawa is a usual place for families, friends and all sorts of people to stroll at nighttime due to the ambience of the place. Thus, policemen are posted in the area.

Because of the incident, what shall be the immediate or rather indirect implications to the minds of the ordinary Zamboangueños? Now, the area is a drop zone to many folks, from the West Coast, on early dawns to buy their goods in our Old Public Market. Our highways in San Jose Road and in Lower Calarian, through the Boulevard, are both one-way routes. So, some of our passengers heading to the Old Public Market prefer to drop in the stretch of the Boulevard.

It could be that those robbers timely poke their weapons to the said couple-victim because they also knew that they could certainly find good victims in the place. Hence,it is absolutely imperative for our authorities to post uniformed men in the area. Repeated stories of criminalities are committed here, especially on the wee hours. The pattern to observe alertness after a fateful event must be broken.

Criminal elements are naturally wise to easily play a cat and mouse thing—as to hide and avoid policemen. But all of these may be totally avoided once they can see uniformed law enforcers in the place. After all, our policemen are then compelled to secure the entire stretch of the Boulevard, simply because it is pretty close to their camp. It shall be a repeated embarrassment to our authorities, if robbery may continue in the place.

Drug users are littered all over in La Bella. Now, when their monsters inside crave for the illegal substance, they are forced to produce any money possible to buy their needed drugs. Such addiction is a strong bondage, which cannot just be avoidedeasily by the users. Thus, same drug dependents’ only option is to resort to robbery. Alas, because some of these folks have, in the process, obtained sorts of weapons to employ in their overt acts.

Indeed, there are certain hours in our City where ordinary citizens are exposed to the mercy of criminal minds. Notably, the local statistics of robbery is on the rise again in La Bella. They too manifest in all forms, may they be carnapping—sometimes with homicide, breaking-in to homes at midnight, hold-ups and etc.

There are robbers who also operate even in the very heart of our City. Most of them are snatchers. They have sharp eyes to know hidden phones or good cash in wallets which is seemingly 100% guarded by the owners. But again, they can be robbed by these expert snatchers. There was this story Barangay eMedia knew some months ago.

A mother was on her way to downtown to pay their house bills. She boarded a jeepney. Then, there was this guy who carried a huge bag who began to push himself against the former and stealthily pickpocketed her cash. The former did not feel said maneuvering of the man. She only noticed it when she arrived to her destination and to discover that her wallet was already gone. Whew!

These are some of the serious stuffs which Zamboangueños would have to collide, literally, every single day! Are there forceful legal ways, by our City policemen, to curb these criminalities in Mi Ciudad? These criminals should be apprehended, or at least some of them, so that others—of their kind, may be deterred. Barangay eMedia adjures: fellow Zamboangueños by all means take care always.

“Do not boast about tomorrow,for you do not know what a day may bring. Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;a stranger, and not your own lips. A stone is heavy, and sand is weighty,but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both. Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming,but who can stand before jealousy? Better is open rebukethan hidden love.” (Prov. 27:1-5, ESV)

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