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Q. What verse that profoundly expresses the awesome fear about losing our soul notwithstanding our great wealth here on the earth?

A.) “For what shall it profit a man,if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). Email:


The next public hearing of the council committee on Ordinances chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Cesar Jimenez Sr. on its proposed ordinance requiring all stakeholders, like the media engaged in TV/radio business broadcasting in ZC, to be “Social Acceptability” compliant, will be on February 28.

The need to have its third (and last?) hearing with all concerned sectors, is but of utmost importance as there’s one salient issue that has to be thoroughly ventilated by the gov’t agency concerned, and that’s the Department of Health (DOH). DOH wasn’t around during itsfirst (Jan. 31) and second public hearings last Wednesday afternoon(Feb. 7) when the health risk topic was raised. TV/radio station towers are said major sources of fallouts from radiation that pose grave danger to the community’s health where they operate.

Hence, the DOH presence for the said public hearing is but imperative.

During the discussion, emotions ran high when its chair (Jimenez) known as having the penchant of repeatedly butting in even though the person recognized to speak up on podium, still had the floor.

E-media’s two honchos Rey Bayoging and Gil Climaco, and yours truly, representing TV-13, spoke up one after the other when the discussion soared to its boiling point as chair Jimenez displayed his rants whenever he thought we talked too long and that we went irrelevantly off-tangent that had nothing to do with the proposed ordinance that’s certified as urgent by Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar.

The chair even went too far, violating his own authored house rules, as he humbled this corner with rude remarks.

“Invited guests when allowed to speak should be treated with all courtesy, and not to be insulted,” scores who attended the hearing expressed their compunction.

When I stood up to raise TV-13’s concern in a forum, like in this public hearing where they invited the resource persons, as well, it was to send them a strong statement that if nothing happens to our repeated fervent request for an access to cables here, then we’re constrained to file suit against these agencies concerned before the Ombudsman. No less than our TV-13 legal counsel Atty. Abelardo “Tongo” Climaco, Jr. said so, as he stressed that TV-13 is duly equipped with a provisional authority to operate, while we’re arduously following up TV-13’s application for the required congressional franchise which is now on its third and final reading when filed in Congress through the help of Dist. 2 Cong. Mannix Dalipe.

So, where’s its irrelevance here, Councilor Jimenez? We’re raising a relevant question here precisely in aid of your own legislation as to why in hell deny us access to cable albeit equipped with its issued provisional authority to operate?

Our city councilors, being our elective public servants, should even help make it easier for the local media comply all the requirements in smooth-sailing fashion, and not to add them more burdens.

Where’s the friendly business environment the city has beenharping for all investors to come in and pour their capitals in La Bella sans any difficulties? I heard no less from our DILG city director Moh Arakama read a portion of the salient rules under the Du30 governance that emphasized on the cutting off the bureaucratic red-tape under his present dispensation.

Is the Beng Climaco administration anti-Du30? (By Jun Feliciano)  (30)

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