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Good policemen are always good even without salary increase


In the past Salary increases of Policemen, Soldiers and other uniformed personnel were based on Salary Standardization Law with Civilian Agencies.

The Abrupt increase of Salaries of Uniformed Personnel is the First Time in History of the Country under the Duterte Administration in Recognition to the role of the Armed Services in the Fight against illegal Drugs, National Security Threats and criminality.

The Salary increases boost the Morale of Habitually Good Men and Women in uniform that raised their standard of living and assure good education for their children and financial security of their Family.

Therefore, good Policemen, Soldiers and other uniformed Personnel will become more dedicated, sincere, honest, firm and consistent in religiously performing their mandated duties.

But for personnel who are engaged in Illegal Activities the Salary increases are just a drop in the bucket because some are earning by hundreds of thousands a month and they are considered as Scalawags who are the main targets of cleansing in the armed services especially in the Police Organization.

Although they are just a small percentage but it affects the credibility of the Law Enforcement Agency that erodes the trust, confidence and faith of the populace to the Police. (By Rex G. Miravite)

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