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Overcharging, etc. on tricycles


Overcharging is still the common complaint of passengers against unscrupulous tricycle drivers especially those transients or passersby going home to their provinces. Aside from this, there were also reports about holdupping the passengers, running away with the passenger’s load while others making sexual advances or enticing female passengers into sex by playing with their crotch.

Through the grapevine, we were informed that some trike drivers are servicing robbers and burglars in going to certain barangays for their unlawful activities.

Sometime during the Fiesta Pilar celebration last year when the passengers had to be in line to board the jeepney as a result of inadequate vehicles and plenty of passengers downtown looking for a ride, some tricycles were charging as much as P100 per passenger to Tugbungan. So disgusting. They applied the law of supply and demand. What kind of franchise do we have for the tricycle business in our city? Fare matrix, they don’t care about it.

Whenever there’s a move to rid the streets of tricycles, at once their association officials and operators would cry in protest that tricycles cannot be removed from our streets because it is the poor man’s mode of transportation. And many families depend on it as a means of livelihood. Yes that’s right. We know that. But why do some drivers are defying the laws governing this kind of transportation? Are they real drivers or monsters taking advantage of any abnormalities in our traffic situation contrary to what they invoke- the poor man’s simple means of commuting.

We’ve learned that some operators or drivers would just allow their friends to drive their trike while they go on a drinking spree or whatever. And so these are the drivers who would dare to mullet or extort their passengers.

With all these complaints filed with the police while others opted to be silent, what do officials of their association are doing to stop this misdemeanour? The Tricycle Adjudication Board and these officials should work hand in hand to run after these villainous rascals who are abusing and molesting the poor passengers. Should they be caught and found guilty, throw them in prison so that we would be safe in travelling around the city especially late at night.

Many of you have attended the Inter-Faith Harmony gathering held at Centro-Pastoral recently. Hopefully you were awakened and elucidated about your obligation to respect and take good care of your passengers.

Certainly we also have other problems in our transportation business-like the habal-habal or single motor transport, the pedicabs or sikat-sikat and the kuliglig. We know very well that they don’t have any franchise or business permit to operate. And this is confirmed by the Land Transportation Office. In case of accident, what insurance do they have to indemnify the victim? Actually many pedicabs are driven by minors. What responsibility can we expect from these children?

Parents of this minors who are trying to eke out a living prematurely should be forewarned: What’s going on is a violation of the Anti-ChiId Labor Law. (By Jack Edward Enriquez)

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