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Since it was advanced here that SS length will have to be shortened due to filial obligations to daughter Aimie, guess it was only twice that we did so. Don’t know today. Just stay on.

Sen. Miguel Zubiri assured Zamboanga residents who are opposed to joining the Bangsamoro that Zamboanga city is not included in the Bangsamoro territory.

Zubiri sits as Senate Sub Committee Chairman of the Bangsamoro, also said that safeguards will be put in place to further assure residents that no portion of Zamboanga will be included without the decision of the majority.

Got the SS point stressed here a little back? So, not only are Pres. Digong Duterte, House Speaker Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and our very own Cong. Celso Lobregat are our defenders against the Aquino-initiated BBL, that is shot full of holes which the previous administration was forcing down our throat. There are several other level-headed personalities in both houses of congress, one of whom ir Zibiri. Thank God.

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This is foolish, government wants civilians to stand guard against lawless elements only with night sticks.

Can you beat that! This came to fore when the barangay chairman of Arena Blamco, voluntarily surrendered and turned over the guns they were utilizing to guard their townsfolk.

Reporting the surrender, Lt. Col. Rolando Gomez, Commanding Officer of the 11th Infantry Battalion, disclosed the pronouncements of DILG Secretary Eduardo Año, on the provision of R.A. 10591, also known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunitions Act of 2012 that disallows barangay tanods to bear firearms.

Crazy. Don’t know how else to describe that anti-people law. Fight bad elements with bare hands. The heck!

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Just liked like his earlier predecessors, F/Sups. Dodong Oceña, Jungjung Zabala, Clnt Cha, the new Fire Marshal here is good in public relations and is also in good rapport with his juniors.

Some two days ago, the Mongueh Cabinet spotted him in the company of a good number of men in their neighboring Marcian Cafe/Restaurant. The group was visibly engaged in an animated gathering. Intense camaraderie was visibly felt.

He is F/Supt. Jhufel M. Brañanola, the new City Fira Marshall.

As he assumed office, announced that in a bid to keep personnel of the Bureau of Fire Protection  (BFD) in this city abreast with improved firefighting operations and protocol, they will undergo fire suppression trainings in the days to come.

This, he said, will also ensure that all fire personnel are in their respective post during their tour duty and that no fire personnel will be involved in illegal and unscrupulous activities.

Anticipating continued good, if not better, performance, here his assumption to a new post is seen with great expectations. Welcome, Sir and more power

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Two high value-listed drug personalities were among eight personas the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) agents have arrested on Friday, 9th February.. PDEA Regional Director Lyndon Aspacio identified the two as William Carpio and Leonardo Marondo.

Aspacio said they were arrested in a drug bust at 6:15 p.m. Friday in a drug den on Cariño Compound in the village of Camino Nuevo.

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The perceived insincerity Leni Robredo displayed in her camp’s feigned acceptance of the challenge Ferdinand Marcos Jr. hurled for both their camps to withdraw any and all of petitions to pave the way for an early counting of votes has probably drawn fire.

Marcos has called on his supporters who gathered in front of the Supreme Court in Manila to remain calm despite another delay in the recounting of votes in his election protest.

In a message to hundreds of his supporters who have been holding a prayer rally at the Supreme Court premises since Wednesday, Marcos said, “I feel your frustration.  But let us remain calm.  We have come this far and I promise you that we will not stop until every one of your votes have been counted.

“I promise you we will not stop until we have uncovered the truth of why there are square boxes instead of oval shadings.  The truth is slowly coming out.  We shall prevail.”

All these, simply mean the signed memo of agreement holds no water, as Robredo glaringly refused to sign the document, allowing only her counsel to.

Aparece que gran deshonstia. (A seeming grand dishonesty)

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