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Here’s a notice to my fb friends/viewers. In a surprising move, fb administrators have temporarily blocked my sharing of messages.

They only said, I had sent a video supposedly offensive to children, and sent me a rosary-beaded list of web sites to where such a video received should be  reported..

Strange, I had earlier shared the very same video to practically all my male fb friends, but received no reprimand.

The sudden move stunned me. What was not offensive before, all of a sudden had become so.

Thus, fb friends to whom I frequently comunicate, do not be surprised should you not hear from me from this day on until who knows when, for the notification mentioned nothing, except that the suspension is temporary.

I will be back for sure, kif that’s the case. Just hold on, folks.

X x x x X

Friend Rod Balbon wrote on who he thinks are the best mayors Zamboanga City will never have. He first cited Erbie Fabian. In part he narrated, “Erbie ‘mysteriously lost the election for Mayor.’ Many believe (said) that he was a victim of cheating. Even in his barangay, he lost to his opponent by a mile. If I may recall, his total votes and that of his opponent was more than the total number of registered voters in the city.”

Agreed, Drig. And please allow SS to add a scenario of his own - the total number Erbie was supposed to have received in that mysterious loss was less than thirty thousand.

An overkill, that is. For mayor the fight is in two districts but take note. In past elections confined to only one district, the 2nd, Erbie marked well over a hundred thousand votes for three consecutive terms.

Granting, without admitting, constituents loved so much his opponent – a supposition next to impossible - only a fourth was left for him that would already be twenty five thousand strong.

Add to that, say, only a tenth of the other district, the 1st, that’s already thirty five.

My God,  Erbie was credited with only less than thirty thousand votes.

An overkill. Believe it or not!

Of Le Peng, Balbon wrote, to this effect - the smuggling of hazardous chemicals which was alleged for use in making shabu, but were actually imported for the manufacture of foam for beds and other appliances that detractors managed to file against him initially prospered in a local court, but when appealed  to a  higher court, the case was dismissed thirteen years later for being totally malicious intended merely to besmirch the person, integrity, and reputation of Lepeng Wee.

But the damage has been done. That stage-managed case did him in.

Too late the hero.

Of Monsi, SS did not have much time to read over Digo’s article. Other obligations got in the way.

But here’s one bit of thought, should he or anyone else care to listen. True friendship is not only prior to (pre-campaign) and during election time. Thus, after conclusion of polls, sim cards should not be changed nd made secret, in such a way that even brothers and trusted men would supposedly not have any idea  of his whereabouts.

When asked, thr answer is, “I have no idea. He calls us, we can’t call him.”


X x x x X

President Duterte takes on America again, as he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade directed at the United States for refusing to return the Balangiga bells American troops seized from the Philippines more than a century ago.

And two US lawmakers recently posed objection to the return of the bells to the Philippines, after expressing concern over the human rights violations associated with Duterte’s drug war.

Illinois Rep. Randy Hultgren and Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern aid the bells should only be returned when the Philippine government puts an end to the extrajudicial killings.

How big a folly. And such temerity linking a likened act of thievery to the return of thre bells.

X x x x X

A climactic move here. The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption and Vanguard of the Philippine Constitution Inc. (VACC-VPCI)  on Monday filed multiple homicide and physical injuries through negligence charges against former President Benigno Aquino III, aka “Abnoy,” two former Cabinet secretaries and 17 others in connection with the reported deaths of children inoculated with the anti-dengue Dengvaxia vaccine.

Prominently included are former Budget secretary Florencio Abad and former Health secretary Janette Garin; plus other well-placed officials.

X x x x X

Buisness tycoon Lucio Tan should take the cue from this. President Duterte is not about to reprimand Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) general manager Alexander Balutan for throwing an allegedly lavish Christmas party last year. The President found nothing wrong with Balutan’s recent expense as long as the pubic funds go to the intended beneficiaries, mainly the poor and the needy.

But the party costing some staggering P25 million was not for the poor and the needy. It was for a Christmas party in a   five-star hotel.

But this somehow shows how Duterte treats friends.

So, Mr. Lucio Tan, if you have not yet done so, send your five planes to Kuwait now. This is a chance of a lifetime. Bite bait.

X x x x X

Another hitch causes more delay in the counting of votes for the 2016 vice presidential race. A mandatory psychological testing and examination for all applicants for head revisors in the recount has been ordered.

Could be deliberate to prolong the anguish of protestant Marcos camp, who is confident of having won the election, so in the end, he loses interest in the case. Tsk. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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